Kanye West Slams Amber Rose, And Her Comeback Is Epic

If you happen to follow any of these celebs on Twitter, we’re sure you saw the entire messy feud between Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose earlier.

On Wednesday 27, Khalifa threw down the gauntlet after West changed his album name to Wavy, Khalifa responded with a few tweets linking to ‘true wavy music’ stating West’s music was not this genre.

West obviously replied by unloading the mother of all twitter rants directed at his adversary, dissing his music and stating himself to be the greatest ever artist.

Khalifa hit back saying “Hit this kk and become yourself.” referring to weed, though West misunderstood and took this as a reference to his wives initials, Kim Kardashian, leading him to unleash another round of fighting words, including a mention to how he has been trapped by a ‘stripper’, their mutual ex Amber Rose, due to their child.

Khalifa hit back on the misunderstanding saying: “KK is weed fool. Reason’s why your not wavy. Go bacc to Swish.”

A little red faced West ceased the dramatics with a simple: “I’m happy that I now know that KK means weed… please excuse the confusion … now back to #WAVES” He then took down his tweets and began tweeting out ‘good vibes’. However, by this point it was too late as the rappers both became trending topics and a number of screenshots of the back and forth went viral.

While the pair seemed to simmer down, Rose didn’t let the diss go as easily, hitting back at Kanye through their old bedroom antics. We are loving our new Muva.


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