Re-Viewed: Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen

Remember in 2004 when Lindsay Lohan was at the peak of her stardom during her late teens? She had a steady career, a cult audience, and was preparing to blow up with her biggest film to date alongside her debut album. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen showcased the up-and-coming actress and gave a sneak peak into her vocal capabilities.

Her fifth Disney movie saw Lohan take a starring role, as always, and coming just six months after her box office hit Freaky Friday expectations were high as reviewers were hailing the actress as the next big thing.

Based on the best selling novel of the same name by Dyan Sheldon, the story saw teen Lola Cep move from New York City to the suburbs of Dellwood, New Jersey shattering her dreams of becoming a Broadway star.

Quirky, and eccentric, Lola’s daydreaming and dramatic ways makes it hard for her to connect to the new kids at her school, only finding friendship in the geeky Ella due to their shared love of rock band Sidarthur. She also meets generic cute boy Sam, and generic mean girl Carla.


Lola scores the lead role in the school musical much to the chagrin of Carla, and after defeating her in a dance off Carla tries to get back at her by stating she has tickets to Sidarthur’s farewell concert, to which Lola lies and claims she too has tickets.

A dramatic series of events ensue that sees the girls steal outfits, lose their money and be turned away from the concert where they are later arrested with the bands lead singer Stu Wolff. Eventually ending up at his after party.


After returning home Lola kills it in the musical, has a meeting with Stu Wolff at a party in front of all her peers, make up with Carla and end up in the arms of Sam.

If you’re thinking all of this sounds like typical chick flick drivel, that’s because it is. Sure, a decade ago in our Lilo haze we were obsessed with the movie, but on reflection it’s hard not to see through the cheesy, melodramatic nonsense.


Light-hearted and fluffy in our youth, with darling fantasy scenes and quirky fashion accessories, the bottle necklace, the curved bike and awesome musical number. There are some stand out moments that resembles somewhat of an idea that could have worked, but for the most part it was lacking in direction and ambition.

The movie acted as another stepping stone in the build up to what was supposed to come of Lohan’s career, she was enigmatic as the lead pulling in her dramatic and comedy stylings to create a flawed character you couldn’t help but root for. Even though her lying about her dads death was kind of F’ed up.


Alison Pill as Ella was fine in her acting but was a total wet blanket we always felt was mismatched with the heroine in holding back her fun. A pre-fame and pre-plastic Megan Fox was believably bitchy, mostly due to those high arched brows but was unwaveringly one-note. Eli Marienthal was another that left little to be desired, but he was only really there to look cute and he did that well enough. Adam Garcia was so-so, but that ugly wig killed his crush-worthiness. Glenne Headly added little, but Carol Kane garnered a few chuckles.


Prior to production Hilary Duff was signed on to play the role, which would have seen the character look a bit of her spunk, for a cutesy approach. It brings back how interchangeable these two teen queens were in their heyday.

Upon release the film performed fairly well at the box office, earning $33 million worldwide and sitting at number two behind 50 First Dates. For a glorified made-for-tv Disney Channel movie that’s core demographic was the tween generation, that wasn’t too bad. The critics however, were not as kind. After her previous hit, many noted that the actress was the driving force behind a pointless, and badly written movie.

The movie also spawned it’s own soundtrack prior to Lohan’s solo material, and although we’ve never given it a listen ‘That Girl’, and the music video featuring many different Lilo’s was totally our bop circa-04.

Highlights: The name Carla Santini. The dance-off scene. Megan Fox’s outfits. The chase to the sign up sheet.  Megan Fox’s high pitched voice. Pretty much any Megan Fox moment in the scene was a winner.

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