Top 10: Bops Of The Week

So it’s coming to the end of January and unbelievable to think a whole month of 2016 is down! We’ve completed 1/12 of this year already. Adele has been slaying the game, RiRi finally released her album, Kanye likes to be finger-popped, and Sia is dropping her music now too!

Check out the best this week has to offer! We could have chosen from a range of Rihanna’s new songs, but kept to the single for support.

1. Work – Rihanna

We finally got the RiRi album we were waiting for all these years, and while it’s light on the bops, it boasts an interesting new direction we’re totally excited for. Work is a mindless headbanger to kickstart the era.

2. History – One Direction

While it’s not necessarily a new song, the boys just released the music video and it’s a total tear-jerker you guys! They even include Zayn, albeit sparingly. While we haven’t listened to their latest two albums fully, back in the day we were HUGE fans of the boys. All the way since X Factor.

3. Ain’t Got Far To Go – Jess Glynne

I’ve got to be in the mood to listen to Jess Glynne, her voice can be grating and I find her highly pretentious for dance music singer. Her latest single isn’t the bop like she’s given us in the past but here it is for you anyway.

 4. More And More – Fleur East

Apparently this track has been released for a week already, but we’re just hearing it now. This is criminal! The track is a total disco throwback, fun and funky the track may not have the initial blast of Sax but it’s a great mid-tempo track in the vain of the Jackson 5. We are so here for the career of bop-master Fleur East!


We didn’t choose capitals because we’re that excited, but because that’s how the ex-1D member is marketing himself. The new song is a definite change in direction as the singer opts for a cooler, R&B kind of vibe. It’s a sexy, slow-tempo number that’s getting us even more excited for his solo album. The video also displays his relationship with Gigi Hadid, and his eccentric artistic personality. He currently stands at number one in dozens of countries.

6. Move Your Body – Sia

This song is going to have us going for it in the clubs, a perfect banger. Honestly, you need to listen to every track on This Is Acting as Sia’s new music is LIT. We’re huge fans of the mysterious singer and all of her artistic choices. The record is full of hits she had originally wrote for other artists so there’s a great mix of bops and ballads, in all genres but her voice slays on each track. Pure fire.

7.Netflix and Pills – Nolay

We stumbled upon this female London MC completely by accident but her rapping skills and colourful, yet brutally honest lyrics are captivating. The young girl is entirely raw and open painting a gritty picture with her cutting rhymes.

8. Honey – Katy B

This slow jam is pure sex. Like the title, Katy B’s usual street, dance-vibe voice is mellowed out, smooth like honey. The lyrics are visually captivating, and the production is sleek and sensual. Torally a Netflix and chill track.

9. Hella O’s – Wiz Khalifa

Okay, okay. So this isn’t actually a song, but it needs to be! We got our lives listening to Wiz Khalifa remix Adele’s illustrious song, and want a full version!

10. Chic, C’est La Vie – Countess Luann

Don’t ask why this is our throwback bop but we’re loving it just as much as when our countess first released the song. It’s actually a fun and catchy tune, nowhere near as bad as her first song. Plus seeing Jill Zarin trying to get down in the music video is beyond hilarious.

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