Meet The Queens Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8

RuPaul’s Drag Race is the highlight of every year, the show is incredible, hilarious and touching and the queens go on to do amazing things.

It has been far too long since season 7 came to a close, and with much teasing we have finally met our new cast. We have a month until the new episodes begin (March, 12) but until then check out our 12 queens below.

We have written a few thoughts about the girls, and listed them in what we believe will be their elimination order, first to last place.

Acid Betty


The oldest queen in the competition, she has been doing drag for quite some time. While this is an advantage for her being polished and professional, we’ve seen some older queens get stuck in their ways previously. She is avant garde and will provide us with a little something different this year.

Drag math: Milk + Vivacious + Katya

Bob The Drag Queen


Bob is the type of queen you are drawn to immediately. She takes control of every situation through her quick witted comedy and open nature. She has no front up allowing viewers to feel emotionally connected to her.

Drag math: Latrice Royale + Manila Luzon + Detox

Kim Chi


This gal is already a contender, fans were begging for her to be on the season, and with that kind of established fan base, she is a force to be reckoned with. Think a kawaii Trixie Mattel, as they run in the same circles sporting a similar get up. A huge lisp, and colourful visuals she is a walking Hello Kitty.

Drag math: Jujubee + Trixie Mattel + Manila Luzon

Laila McQueen


Punk rock queen Laila takes a laid back approach to drag. She is giving us Adore Delano vibes. Her into video was slightly muted but with her list of references we’re sure she has a lot to offer us.

Drag math: Adore Delano + Raven + Sharon Needles

Chi Chi DeVayne


Chi Chi reeks of old school patent queen. Her style is grand and poised, almost in the vein of Kennedy Davenport. She’s the kind of girl to keep a few tricks up her sleeve so watch out for this one.

Drag math: Kennedy Davenport + Roxxxy Andrews + BeBe Zahara Benet



Dax ExclamationPoint


A member of reigning queen Violet Chachki’s drag family, she is polished and ready to take the competition by storm. She has a variety of looks and will be able to throw down in a lip sync. Wanting to be the queen of nerds, she has a cute edge to her bluntness.

Drag math: Yara Sofia + Alyssa Edwards + Dida Ritz

Derrick Barry


Barry is our Britney Spears impersonator. She is fish, and with previous experience on Americas Got Talent she is one of the better known faces amongst the bunch, and she knows it as she drops names left and right. The only question is: Is she a one trick pony?

Drag math: Willam + Courtney Act + Chad Michaels




Naomi Smalls


One of our youngest queens, Naomi is all business never one to mix her words. She is serving looks straight out of the gate, but as a new queen she may have a lot to learn. We have a feeling she’ll be getting the bitch edit.

Drag math: Tyra Sanchez + Raja + Trinity K. Bonet


Robbie Turner


This queen is a pin up, pulling from the 60’s for her vintage style. She lists Carol Burnett as her aesthetic and Meryl Streep as her drag mother. We love a queen that sticks to a particular lane, and are sure Robbie will be giving us our life.

Drag math: BenDeLaCreme + Magnolia Crawford + Mrs. Kasha Davis

Thorgy Thor


Auditioning since season one this queen is hungry for that crown. A true Brooklyn drag queen, she has an eclectic style ranging from clown-realness to designer gowns to dollar wigs. At the minute she’s sort of a filler queen.

Drag math: Tammie Brown + Pandora Boxx + Tatiana

Naysha Lopez


A beauty queen. With flawless make-up, big hair and polka dot bow she is serving fish all night. She has the look but we’re unsure if she will have enough edge to make it in this competition.

Drag math: Roxxxy Andrews + Coco Montrese + Gia Gunn

Cynthia Lee Fontaine


Our Puerto Rican queen this year looks great but seems to be missing a little something upstairs. She is simple, and sweet. Who knows what she will bring, but she seems like an early elimination.

Drag math: Alexis Matteo + Joslyn Fox + Jinkx Monsoon

Our Verdict: It’s always hard to judge a character pre-season, having little knowledge of drag queens outside the show it will take a few episodes to capture each queens essence. This years line-up has a few personalities that could prove interesting, only time will tell. We’re loving the shows theme this year, the old school styling is so cute.

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