Beyoncé Drops Surprise New Track Alongside Video and Free Download!

Yoncé wasn’t about to let Rihanna get away with her surprise download that fast, proving once again she is the queen of surprises with a new track.

Mumbling of new material have been rampant since last year, but Queen Bey took things into her own hands deciding to give fans a teaser to her first album since 2014.

The video set in Louisiana features the singer in a range of incredible looks, even including a cameo from her daughter Blue Ivy who looks so beautiful.


The tone of the song and video seems to be a continuation of the more artistic route the singer has been striving for since BEYONCÉ.

The track is a low-key bop, as she sings about her proud black heritage, dominance in her marriage and being, well, the queen.

The new matial comes just one day prior to her performance with Coldplay during the Superbowl.

While available to view on YouTube, the track is a Tidal exclusive download.

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