Paul Rudd And Steve Coogan Go Gay In New Movie

With same-sex marriage now legalised across all of the United States, Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan prepare to play a married couple in their new film.

The comedy/drama An Ideal Home, will see the pair as husbands whose marriage is tested once Coogan’s grandson unexpectedly turns up to live with couple.

Coogan will play a celebrity, with Rudd will be taking on the position of his ignored, bashful husband as the pair bicker throughout. We’re totally down with seeing a depiction of a struggling same-sex marriage, rather than the typical gay romance movies.

While the casting is intriguing, the director may just tip us over the edge, as gay filmmaker Andrew Fleming is set to take the helm. His previous work includes Dick, and the dark cult movie The Craft.

Paul Rudd has previously played a gay character in the 1998 movie The Object of My Affection where he played Jennifer Aniston’s best friend, whom she later fell for.

Speaking of the role Rudd said: “I remember doing interviews for The Object of My Affection, and people would say, ‘What was it like to kiss a guy?’ Like it was such a shocking thing. I said, ‘How many times does anyone ask, You had to shoot somebody, was that weird?”

He added, “I love gay guys. I feel pretty gay. I’m certainly not the most macho guy in the room.”

With his Ant-Man sequel and other Marvel appearances, Rudd’s career is going for strength to strength, though we’re still hoping for another season of Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer’.

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