Raking All Of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke’s

Carpool Karaoke has become a staple in viral videos, entertaining us with a laid back view of our favourite jamming out to their own music and others. We’ve decided to make a list of the best for you to view.

While we are not regular viewers of The Late Late Show we have always been fans of both Corden, and most of the celebs he invites into his car. As one of the most popular late night segments in recent years, take a look at what the show has to offer below.


The reigning queen of everything, there is never a list Adele does not top. As always the clip saw the singer break yet another record as the viral sensation became the most viewed late night video with over 71 million views. As candid as ever, she talked getting drunk, her love for Spice Girls and  life as a mother.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs first outing in Corden’s car was an instant success as viewers began to say to themselves “Justin seems okay”. As part of  his adult-comeback, the singer poked fun at himself while being super chill. The only passenger to come back for multiple outings, Corden and Biebs are becoming somewhat of a comedy duo with their three sessions.

One Direction

Real life friends for many years, Corden has been desperately trying to join 1D for years and he finally got his chance in a choreographed routine in this carpool sesh. Their comfort with one another that they have created over several years shines through as they play silly games and jam together with raps and all their boppy tracks.

Chris Martin

No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade but I have never once seen Chris Martin in an interview, or concert, or pretty much anything. Coldplay has always just been a band with dece music. Carpool made me love Martin. He is quirky, and kooky and absolutely loveable.


The latest instalment, Sia opened up, showing a side to her mysterious self we have not seen before. She perfectly balanced her silly humour, with open and frank discussion of her alcohol and drugs-filled past, as well as the reason behind her aversion to fame. Plus, her vocals were killer as always, drawing on her impressive resume of songs she has written for herself and other artists.

Elton John

There’s no denying Elton John is a renowned hit-maker with a back catalogue of floor fillers everybody can sing alone to. Mix this with his camp aesthetics and no-nonsense attitude, the sing-a-longs were fun and his honesty about his diva behaviour and his role as a father were commendable.

Jennifer Hudson

First of all Hudson looked amazing, that purple lipstick is everything. She doesn’t have a humungous list of bops but her personality far outweighs that note. When she did sing along with one of her tracks she gave it her all and performed with a vengeance. Please release new music qween.

Mariah Carey

What an artist to kick off the skit with, 18 numbers ones and a true icon she jump started the franchise with her impressive vocals and larger than life name. In true diva style she kept on her shades and took over all control from Corden. Her disconnected personality was a little off-putting, and the original 5-minute segment was not enough time to do the format justice!

Iggy Azalea

Everyone loves to hate Iggy Azalea, but in reality she’s not the literal devil She was candid with Corden as she discussed her wedding plans, and was game for everything he had to offer. The two had a good rapport as they bopped along to he songs with impromptu dance routines.

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo has been releasing bops for five years, and busting the moves accordingly yet he has still to reach star limit, but why? He has all the makings of a great performer, vocals, lyrics, moves and he’s funny to boot. His skit took on a little something different as he embarked on a star tour with fans.

Stevie Wonder

Another legendary name, whittling down Stevie’s songs for a 10 minute segment is difficult but with no new album all the favourites were brought back to life. As always Wonder was absolutely hilarious, starting off the proceedings in the drivers seat. The only downside were the peculiar FaceTime calls throughout.

Rod Stewart & A$AP Rocky

No shade, but I didn’t realise just quite how popular Rod Stewart was but through the karaoke sesh I was able to put some bops to his name. One of the last great British rockers he has that camp sensibility and plethora of typical rock star stories that makes him loveable and iconic. With a feature from A$AP we had a good time with this one.

Carrie Underwood

No offence to Carrie Underwood, she wasn’t unlikeable or a bad singer, i’m just not a country music fan. Though she did give a little insight into the country music scene. She seemed a little shy but was entirely sweet, funny and that WHAM! segment was amazing.

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