Big Ang Sadly Passes Away Following Cancer Battle

Mob Wives star Big Ang has died following a battle with stage 4 cancer this morning.

The reality star who also fronted her own self-titled show was surrounded by family at a Mangattan hospital when she passed away early Thursday morning.

She was first diagnosed with throat cancer in April 2015 when doctors discovered a timor in her throat before removing the mass shortly after.

Ang learned her cancer had returned in Decemeber of last year, having spread to her brain and lungs.

At 55-years old, real name Angela Raiola, she is survived by her two kids, Raquel and Anthony, and her six grandchildren.

Her representative confirmed the time of death at 3:01am, adding “[Angela’s fans] were some of the most special people in her world, and she loved you immensely. Thank you for your love, prayers, and unconditional support of Angela right to the very end.”

Big Ang became a favourite among the internet for her no-nonsense attitude and larger than life personality with instantly quotable one-lines.

She was an avid supporter of the gay community, always supporting gay rights and often helping fan to propose – she even through one an engagement party!

“I love the gay community,” she said. “I love them and they love me. We have a special relationship, we both have an obsession with clothes and shoes.”

The tv personality even set up her own themed night ‘Tuesgays’ at her bar the Drunken Monkey. “Gays like to party and so do I, that’s for sure, where can you have more fun than with the gays?”

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