Why You Should Be Watching Broad City

The third season of Broad City premiered last night, and it seems to be better than ever! Despite the amazing reviews, there are still many missing out on this gem! We’ve decided to break down why you should be watching this show.

What’s the name of the show? Broad City

How many seasons are there? The third season has just premiered on Comedy Central. There are only 10 episodes per season at 20 minutes each! Easy to binge.


What is this show all about? Best friends Ilana and Abbi are two Jewish weed-lovers in their twenties who are trying to get by in New York despite being faced with a constant series of misadventures. The plot falls perfectly between harsh reality and surrealism as their situations are entirely relatable yet so camp and kooky.

Who does it star? Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson play lead characters Ilana Wexler and Abbi Abrams. Ilana is a twenty-three-year-old slacker and free-spirit who goofs off at work and finds herself in a series of melodramatic situations. She is sexually liberated with an open-minded attitude, not conforming to labels or roles. Abbi is a twenty-six-year-old who is career-orientated, though is stuck as a gym cleaner when she knows she has the qualifications to become a trainer. She also dabbles in art, and is the more responsible of the pair, despite wishing to be more laid back, like Ilana.


I don’t recognise their names. How did the show come about? The comedy duo actually met studying theatre together, later working on the stand-up and improv circuit in New York. They then self-created Broad City, turning it into a web series on YouTube which proved to be immensely popular, even catching the eye of Amy Poehler who mentored the two, ending up as an executive producer to the show. Glazer and Jacobson work as creator, producer and writers on their show now.

So it’s like ‘Girls‘? The obvious comparison is thrown around a lot, but although the pair find the connection flattering they are determined to make a name for themselves. Glazer said: “It’s like, ‘Women in their 20s, you are all the same!’ If it’s not a white dude thing, it’s compared to whatever group you’re in.”


Are there any other characters worth watching? Yes! The recurring characters are great! Hannibal Buress plays Ilana’s casual sex-partner Lincoln Rice, his dry sensibility makes him a scene stealer. Arturo Castro gives us our representation as Ilana’s gay roommate. John Gemberling as Matt Bevers is that creepy roommate that makes you squirm. Nicole Drespel has a little role as Ilana’s co-worker who documents all of her bad behaviour which is genius.

What about the eye candy? Would we ever recommend a show without eye candy? Paul W. Downs is our number one, and bonus: he plays Abbi’s boss so is always seen in gym clothes. He is also an ex-porn star so you have that to look forward to. Stephen Schneider plays Abbi’s neighbour and crush.


This show sounds pretty cool. It is! It’s a very niche sense of humour, the new wave, post-feminism, Tumblr-loving person will enjoy this show. The show takes inspiration from everything from pop-culture: AbFab, mixed with Girls, Inside Amy Schumer, whats trending on Twitter and Instagram, to Rihanna. The references are endless, yet they create something entirely new and relevant to todays audience. It is one of those great experimental shows that receives endless critical praise, yet most people are not aware of its presence.

Okay. But what are the negatives? Some people have bemoaned that the girls are a little too try-hard in pushing boundaries, and being quirky. The quirkiness I can see what they mean as certain situations are just entirely too far-fetched, but enjoyable none-the-less. Many episodes see the girls run into roadblocks one after another until they look virtually homeless, unable to be embarrassed less; but haven’t we all had those days?


So, should I watch? Duh! It may take a few episodes to really appreciate the humour, but if you’re still in by episode three, you’ll be hooked! It’s one of those show where each episode is better than the last, as these ladies work they find their niche more and more. It won’t be long until this is regarded as a treasured cult classic. (Side Note: The cast took to Instagram to celebrate the passing of gay marriage. We’re so here for these guys.)

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