Zayn Debuts Album Cover, But Not Without Controversy

Zayn Malik made a brief appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after pulling out of several other interviews to discuss his upcoming solo album.

While chatting to Jimmy Fallon it became obvious that the star is dropping his surname and proceeding as just ‘Zayn’ for his solo outing.

He took the stage to perform a moody rendition of brand new track ‘It’s You’, the song and performance fit with what we had expected following his first hit ‘Pillowtalk’.

The biggest moment of the night however saw Malik reveal his ‘Mind of Mine’ album cover for yhe first time, and while it was a great cover, it was not long until the internet became a wash with cries of plagiarism.

The singers tattooed younger self looks suspiciously similar to Lil Wayne’s previous albums ‘Tha Cater IV + V’.

He is not the first artist to follow in Weezy’s footsteps as Notorious B.I.G and Drake have both sported similar styles.

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