In The Glass Closet: Cristiano Ronaldo

Gay rumours have plagued Cristiano Ronaldo’s career since he first hit the pitch in 2003 at just 18 years old. But what started as a case of pretty boy dabbling in metrosexuality, has snowballed into a mountain of suspicious activity.

The most damning evidence of Ronaldo’s off the field activities came in December of last year when pictures of the footballer with his friend Badr Hari cuddling surfaced on social media.

A French TV pundit Daniel Riolo added to the story when he said: “I’m sure flying off to Morocco three or four times a week to see a friend and cuddle with him might have an impact on his performances eventually.”

Reports came out stating that the Portuguese player had been making several trips per week to visit his good friend.

The superstar was even allegedly banned from doing so at the request of Real Madrid supremo Florentino Perez, as he believed the constant back and forth was affecting the players performance.

Previous to these reports the star had always been placed right in the publics eye due to his love of fashion, preening himself and a penchant for short shorts.

Way back when in 2010, the star was seen regularly partying with Lance Bass – The pair were photographed dining out together in Tribeca, New York’s gay district, as well as spending Bass’ birthday partying together.

Also in 2010 was the surprising revelation of the footballer becoming a father, what was most shocking was that there was no mother. The child also named Cristiano was conceived through a surrogate mother and is raised between Ronaldo and his family.

Shrugging off the rumours he said: “I’m at ease with my sexuality so it’s not a problem for me.”

Back in 2010, the sports star commended Portugal’s decision to allow gay marriage: “As I am Portuguese, I try to keep myself informed about what is happening in my country,” he said at the time.

“We must respect the choices of each other, because, after all, all citizens should have the same rights and responsibilities.”

If the sports star were to come out publicly it would surely be a huge advance forward for the LGBT community in the sporting world, yet will most likely come once the football player retires.

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