Survivor Season 32: Ranking The Contestants

Can you believe there have been 32 seasons of Survivor? That is absolutely crazy! With so many all star players, it’s hard to keep up with the big dogs, but we’ll see how this crop of contestants fair.

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng premiered this Wednesday (February 17) on CBS. For the second time the contestants have been split into three groups: Brains, brawn and beauty. We were already treated to a great bunch of contestants, as well as some others as well as some great scheming, the regular comps yet little twists.

18. Caleb Reynolds


Tribe: Beauty        Age: 28        Occupation: Army Veteran/ Douchebag
Ugh, can we not with BMC this year? He already far outstayed his welcome on Big Brother. He stalked his fellow houseguest, displayed an unsurprising lack of intelligence, and lived in an air of delusion. Truly seeing himself as the second  coming. He even came up with his own nickname “Beast Mode Cowboy” for which he has his own merch. Vom. This is all without the blatant homophobia stuff.

17. Alecia Holden


Tribe: Brawn        Age: 24        Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Alecia is playing this game wayyyy to hard! Its week one and she is constantly scheming.  My first introduction to her was when she tapped out of her part of the immunity challenge. Fighting for her right to stay she displayed major foot in mouth syndrome. Just that annoying member you do not want around.

16.Julia Sokolowski


Tribe: Beauty        Age: 19        Occupation: College Student
Poor Julie. She wants the exposure for her modelling career, you can tell. I didn’t actually see her this episode so odds are she’s tanning somewhere. I hope she has a nice holiday, and good luck booking gigs after potential bookers have seen you in your worst condition, but you aint getting this crown sweetie. She also wanted to keep Caleb around because he got far on Big Brother… Bye Felicia.

15. Nick Maiorano


Tribe: Brains        Age: 30        Occupation: Personal Trainer
Nick is just so obnoxious. He spent all of his screen time during the premiere bragging about his looks, while he may be on the beauty tribe he is seriously delusional. While we have slim pickings this season, he would not even crack the top 50 hottest guys of seasons passed. While he may prove to be a stand out player, right now he is moot.

14. Joseph Del Campo


Tribe: Brains        Age: 72        Occupation: Former FBI Agent
Joseph clearly takes care of himself. At 72 he is looking fine! His problem here is not surviving because of his age, but because of everybody else’s. With a median age of 35, he clearly stands out as an anomaly. Despite all he has to offer, he will no doubt be a victim to the age curse of this show.

13. Elizabeth Markham


Tribe: Brains        Age: 27        Occupation: Quantitative Strategist
I don’t remember her…

12. Scot Pollard


Tribe: Brawn        Age: 40        Occupation: Former NBA Champion
There is always that one alpha every year who tries to boss around the other contestants and rule the show. Scot has decided to take on that role this year. While this type of personality works well for a while, at a certain point his minions will revolt and he will be capsized not long after the merge.

11. Debbie Wanner


Tribe: Brains        Age: 49        Occupation: Chemist
The mom of the show usually fares well for a certain period of time. Debbie has been elected into that role and has been acting accordingly. Taking care of her younger camp mates will gain her an in with the kids, but she will never be truly in the gang. They’ll cut her off as soon as they no longer need the numbers.

10. Darnell Hamilton


Tribe: Brawn        Age: 27        Occupation: Postal Worker
Darnell showed himself to be far too trusting in the premiere and unfortunately a bit of a clutz. He wants to have a good time, he will be the joker of the season and provide some much needed heart to the show.

9. Michele Fitzgerald


Tribe: Beauty        Age: 24        Occupation: Bartender
Michele has the spirit of a winner. A truly likeable person that you are drawn to, she could use her unassuming ways to lure people into her plans. She is a strong competitor, but her nice girl persona may be a threat in terms of votes when she gets closer to victory.

8. Peter Baggenstos


Tribe: Brains        Age: 34        Occupation: ER Doctor
Our resident Obama lookalike is totally easy on the eyes, but being placed on the brains tribe, its clear he could have slipped into any other tribe as he is in shape, and gorgeous to boot. While these are all attributes to create a great player, the other contestants may find this a threat and try to cut the Prez.

7. Anna Khait


Tribe: Beauty        Age: 26        Occupation: Pro Poker Player
We didn’t see much of Anna this episode, but she has all the capabilities of a strong player. She helped her team get to second place in the competition, she is sweet, unassuming and not a clear threat. I can see her flying under the radar, only making moves as and when she needs to.

6. Tai Trang


Tribe: Beauty        Age: 51       Occupation: Gardener
Bless Tai, he already has fan-favourite in the bag straight out the gate. His quirky personality and gentle nature has already made him the peoples champion, but he may just be a little much for his fellow contestants. He already aroused suspicion after searching for an idol with zero clues.

5. Kyle Jason


Tribe: Brawn        Age: 31        Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Clearly Kyle has never seen an episode of the show before as he ran around the island making multiple alliances almost immediately after landing. This type of gameplay will certainly come back to bite him when it is eventually exposed. I can see him sliming his way quite far, but just not quite making it.

4. Aubrey Bracco


Tribe: Brains        Age: 29        Occupation: Social Media Marketer
Aubrey was sitting at the very bottom of this list throughout most of the show, and then in true Survivor fashion she made an epic comeback. Starting off as a whingey girl, in over her head she turned everything around when she beasted her way through the comp and had her tribe cheering her name. I see her sleuthing her way quite far in the comp as our dark horse.

3. Neal Gottlieb


Tribe: Brains        Age: 38        Occupation: Ice Cream Entrepreneur
Little was shown of Neal, but sometimes that’s a good thing. He has a laid-back air about him, but as we saw before the immunity comp he has the mind of a leader. He will play the likeable guy that nobody has a reason to send home, and everyone wants to work with. I can see him scoring votes, and playing a solid and respectable game.

2. Cydney Gillon


Tribe: Brawn        Age: 23        Occupation: Body Builder
Kween. Absolute kween. I have been loving Cydney since the word go. She has everything a great player needs, and personality to boot. The only issue here is, she has shown to be a feisty, no-nonsense player which could either storm her through, or rub her tribe mates up the wrong way.

1. Jennifer Lanzetti


Tribe: Brawn        Age: 38        Occupation: Contractor
I for sure thought Jennifer was a goner when that bug crawled its way into her brain. She spent the night writhing in agony, and just as it seemed she may be in too much pain to carry on… the bug evacuated. (p.s. how traumatic was that to see, ew) The second her ear was earworm free, she was ready to win. She carried her team through the comp, and lay down the gauntlet for that survivor crown. Look at her picture, does she not look like she just cut down a dozen people to reach that 500 G’s?






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