The D Train: Review

The D Train is a movie that surprisingly has a lot of heart, and some great acting. Mix that with balance of dramedy, and you’ll find the underrated gay flick of 2015.

After being release at the very start of last year we finally got around to watching The D Train. Judging by the trailer the movie looked like a typical Jack Black movie, and we haven’t been excited about those since 2004. What the advertisement failed to display is that it is actually a gay-interest movie.

Jack Black stars as Dan Landsman, a middle aged man still desperate to be viewed as somewhat popular after spending his entire life in the background. He spots his opportunity as a school reunion is set to take place. If he can convince the most popular guy from schoo,l turned minor celeb Oliver Lawless to show up with him he may get his chance in the limelight.

After connecting with Lawless and following a booze-filled night the two end up sleeping together leading to Lamdsmen’s midlife crisis regarding his sexuality. Matters are further complicated once Lawless begins taking over his family, friends and eventually life.

The dramatic plot comes to an abrupt head in possible the most awkwardly hilarious manner, but underneath all of that kooky nonsense is a rare story of later in life struggles with sexuality, and the distinction between sex and sexuality.

Do not expect a buddy buddy, laugh a minute flick with this one. Many of the negative reviewers are from people expecting a stoner movie, bemoaning the lack of fart jokes and slow moving plot. This is a character driven movie, truly exploring a worthwhile topic, and while the plot lacks a core focus slightly, this is still worth the watch.

Marsden as always is the token hottie of the film, and it’s great to see an unabashed character with sexual fluidity. He plays the cool cat character to perfection while Jack Black offers quite a noteworthy, nuanced character in a rare serious role for the usually comedic actor.

The film bombed hard at the box office earning only $771,317 at the box office making it the 15th worst received wide release ever. What’s upsetting about those figures is that for a comedy with a centric gay theme, the trailer pretty much avoided the entire plot making it seem to be a wishy washy film about nothing. Perhaps if they marketed it to a gay audience, especially with Marsden as a lead they could have gotten more support. Heaven knows it’s a rare day our community can see an LGBT film in the theatre.

Our Verdict Is: With two stand out performances, this is an interesting movie to be sure. Just not what you may have expected.

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