Why You Should Be Watching Superstore

Superstore is a new show that premiered on NBC last year during pilot season, and while I kept away from it for quite a while I was mistaken to do so: It. Is. Awesome.

The reason I consciously decided to avoid the show is that in the UK we have a series with a similar set up Trollied. While I originally loved that show too, it soon lost its mojo, mix that with actually working in retail and I’m all shopped out.

As a fan of America Ferrara and with constant advertisement on my new favourite show Telenovela, I decided to at least give the pilot a shot, and guess what: it gave me life!

America Ferrera has not lost her touch as leading lady material since Ugly Betty causing me to question why she has not been scooping up roles since. Side bar, it is totally awesome to see a woman of colour lead a show that does not pertain to her ethnic background.

While her character Amy is the straight man of the show, she still manages to pull in the laughs, as well as displaying her more dramatic sensibilities. Ben Feldman offers up our adorable eye-candy with his endearing Jonah. He’s kind of a love interest for Amy but she’s also married, so drama, will-they-wont-they; are you already hooked? Their chemistry is so sweet yet so cliche.

The supporting characters are each so great too: Glenn, the absent-minded, accident-prone store manager. Dina, the masculine hard as nails, yet love-struck assistant manager. Garrett, the store announcer paralyzed from the waist down who seems loves creating a bit of drama. Mateo, our gaysian who is eager to cut throats to succeed in the company. Cheyenne is the last on our list, but first in our heart, she is 17 and pregnant, but entirely good-hearted. Her Anaconda dance later in the series is a personal highlight.

The story lines throughout are generic sitcom material, but still funny. We’re sure you’ll be amused throughout each episode, and surprisingly as you watch you find yourself drawn more and more into each character, even the most menial of roles has us gagging.

If you’ve ever worked in a department store, or somewhere of that nature, there is no way you can not relate to the story. My personal favourite moments having had two years in large stores are the small cutaway scenes that see customers napping on display beds, peeking down mannequins trousers, and ramming one another with trollies when they come to a standstill. Trust me when I say, yes that has all happened.

Whether you’re a worker, or a shopper i’m sure you will agree, the majority of shoppers are mindlessly obnoxious. From the scenes showing customers stripping off mid-store as there is nobody manning the fitting rooms, to them keeping the entire store open way past closing time as they refuse to end shopping, to the unending questions about toothbrush quality. I repeat, this is all too true.

While the show is a comedy through and through, it also manages to touch upon social plot points without getting too preachy. Race is discussed when the manager appoints the latinas to work the salsa stand, gay marriage when they throw a marriage fair and the financial struggles of teen pregnancy.

The only gripe I have is, while Colton Dunn does a superb job in his role, could the producers not find one funny person who actually uses a wheelchair? I’m so done with giving the limited roles for people who are different, to actors who are not.

The ratings have been doing a little jumping around but seems to have settled between 4 and 5 million. While the critics have given it a mixed review, the audience ratings fair much kinder as they seem to be enjoying this new sitcom.

Our Verdict Is: In the vein of sorely missed shows The Office and Parks and Rec mixed with our current faves Modern Family and Kimmy Schmidt the show is the gift that keeps on giving with no weak characters or scenes, a great staple of a comedy. While the writing is quite formulaic as of yet, the quality increases and the endless potential is clear.

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