White Josh Reveals Sexuality On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

We have yet another reason to watch our new favourite show. As if it was not enough we had a relatable musical comedy, we now have a great new storyline to enjoy.

We have previously advised you to watch the show way back when, since then the musical comedy has gone on to win numerous awards and even carve out a story to its dedicated gay fan base.

A few episodes back an unexpected subplot arose as Rachel’s boss Darryl developed a man crush on White Josh, it was strange to see the mismatched pair bond at a party until the end of the episode where Josh planted a kiss on Darryl’s cheek.


Though the kiss was not brought up in the next episode it gave us time to connect the dots of the pairs previous scenes together that something larger may be brewing.

This weeks episode White Josh nonchalantly revealed that not only was he gay, but had been out the entire time. We had a sneaking suspicion something may have been up with this kid since his first scenes and we were right, the hottest guy on the show is gay!


Things were not as easy for Darryl as the divorcee and father struggled to come to terms as to wether he was gay or straight, finally he landed on the idea that he may be bisexual.

While the couple are an odd mix for sure, the episode ended with a sweet kiss and we are so excited to see where this story leads.


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