Who Is Miss Prada?

Miss Prada has been making wild videos on the web for the past few years, and as she begins to dominate all of social media a new queen arises.

Joanne Prada, also know as Branden Miller first rose to prominence with his video to ‘Big Dick’ while working under his gender fuck alter ego. Though many witnessed the viral video, few knew the creator behind it.

Crafting a name on the internet for himself since 2008, it was not until several years later eventually crafting his feminine character into the internet sensation Miss Prada.


The star and his alternate persona each had their own videos on two separate channels that gained a small fan base, climbing to a subscriber count of over 30,000 each and 7,000,000 combined views.

With the rise of social media, the internet star rose in notoriety as a mix of his attractive self posting numerous selfies and sexually-driven content on Instagram, while using Twitter to showcase snippets of his comedic female character.

In an age of viral media, Prada’s short videos, unorthodox humour and out of this world personality captured peoples attention as they craved more. Each instance of the character brought more quotes, gifs and laughs for her viewers to enjoy.

A wannabe singer Miller had been making mix tapes for over five years, releasing his albums for free online. Releasing ‘Playboi’, ‘A Little More Personal’,’Naked’, ‘Light’, ‘Road 2 No Where’,’Me and the Radio’, and ‘GTA’. His style of music carried a shocking sensibility that he later channeled into Prada.

As Prada he also released an album through Soundcloud titled ‘Queen of Pop’ with certain cuts released with music videos on his YouTube account.

The web star showed off his ranging talents creating his own movie The High Society releasing it independently through his YouTube channel once more.


Aside from his commercial successes, the man behind the outrageous personality has been very outspoken about the number of issues he has faced personally. He has made a series of videos detailing his molestation as a child, depression, bipolar, drugs and eating disorders.

The star also dabbled in online sex work through his Skype account selling videos of himself masturbating for money, you can find one here but there are a number more.

There is no telling what Prada may come out with next, bus as of now you can follow her daily affirmations on her twitter account.

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