All Eyes On Brie Larson, The Oscar Front-Runner

It seems like 2016 is truly the breakout year for Brie Larson’s whose role in Room has seen her become an overnight success, despite the fact her career was 20 years in the making.

Born Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, the actress created her stage name as a tribute to her grandmother (surname Larson) and American Girl doll “Brie” as her real name was deemed too difficult to pronounce.

Her first taste of fame came after her mother moved the pair to Los Angeles following a divorce from Larson’s father. She performed comedy skits on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1998 leading to bit parts in sitcoms before she landed her assumed big break, a regular role in the Bob Saget lead comedy Raising Dad. The show was not to be, lasting only one season and leaving Larson once again looking for work.

In 2003, she again gained a regular television role as Sydney Shanowski on ABC’s Hope & Faith. Once more, it was not meant to be as for unknown reasons her character was recast with another actress following the pilot, and then once more a season later with Megan Fox.

The following years saw Larson struggling for work as she continued to land small parts in movies, including a turn as a six chick in our fave 13 Going On 30 and a few made for tv Disney movies.


By 2005, the starlet seemed to figure that acting may not be her bag and the 16 year old released a pop-rock album Finally Out Of P.E. Signing to a major record label, she made a few waves with a single cracking the top 40, and a tour with Jesse McCartney, yet upon release the record under-performed shifting only 3,500 copies.

Attempting to salvage the effort she had placed into her singing career she took to her MySpace blog to state an EP was underway, however although tracks were recorded there was never an official release. Her career as a singer song-writer was officially over.

With a failed acting career and now her dreams of singing troubled, Larson took a step back from acting to instead focus on education, though a certain audition brought her to give it one more try.

Just as she believed her Hollywood career was dead in the water, she auditioned for Showtime comedy, United States of Tara. After an initial rejection, she landed the role as teenage daughter Kate, struggling with her identity. A feeling Larson described as a manifestation of her own personality.


The show was a critical success and ran for three years, allowing Larson to truly display her talents as an actress, transitioning flawlessly between comedy and drama both grounded in realism. After twelve years in the business, she finally gained a chance, and people noticed as the role lead to multiple movie offerings.

Her first big blockbuster came as a supporting character as Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, where she once again got to perform musically. This marked the last time she has done so publicly.


Following the third season of her show, the network decided not to renew United States of Tara and Larson state she once again felt lost in the Hollywood machine, jobless with no sense of direction. Following a few more minor roles in television she booked her biggest movie gig yet with the surprise hit 21 Jump Street.

From this platform she began booking consistent roles as the second female lead in a string of more independent movies including Don Jon, The Spectacular Now, and Digging for Fire. Each were met with considerable critical success. She also dabbled in her directing her own short films Weighting, and The Arm.

Things shifted in 2013 with the actresses starring role in Short Term 12. The independent movie was met with critical acclaim on the festival circuit, with particular attention focusing on Larson’s performance. This saw her first round of nominations in multiple independent ceremonies including an Independent Spirit Award and a Critic’s Choice Award.


Though this did not yet make her a household name, her star was on the rise within the industry calling for Judd Apatow to request her to support Amy Schumer in the box office comedy Trainwreck in 2015.

Later that year, Brie Larson became a household name with her smash movie Room. Beating our several esteemed actresses to the role, the critically acclaimed film swept a whole host of nominations for the actress with her winning many including a Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAG award, sitting as the odds on favourite for an Academy Award later this week.

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 73

Making the rounds on talk shows and covering magazines, the actress is now a registered A-lister, with a range of roles available for her picking.

Later this year the actress is set to star in independent movies Basmati Blues and Free Fire. She will return to mainstream in 2017 scoring the female lead in blockbuster Kong: Skull Island.

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