Are The Tide Our Next Big Boyband?

With One Direction well and truly over (the hiatus is totally a lie) the title for biggest boy band in the world, and we have a new competitor.

While 5SOS and The Vamps have been working the scene for a few years, they have yet to reach anywhere near the level the X Factor band reached at their peak.

Today ‘OneYearOfTheTide’ became a trending topic on Twitter, leading us to discover a band that has been enjoy decent success this past year.

The band are a pop rock foursome signed to The Vamps record label EMI Universal who have supported tours for their managers themselves, Luke Friend, Union J, HomeTown and Before You Exit.

All from  Los Angeles, California the boys formed on February 26, 2015 consisting of members: Austin Corini (lead vocals and guitar), Drew Dirksen (lead guitar and backing vocals), Levi Jones (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Nate Parker (drums and backing vocals).

Though they have yet to release an official single, the boys regularly post covers of popular songs on their YouTube channel as well as sporadic vlogs helping them gain a fan base before they embark with their own music.

They are making the rounds on smaller media shows and magazine, and their social media following is strong standing at: 122,000 – Twitter. 128,000 – Instagram. 73,073 – YouTube. 75,424 – Facebook.


Austin Anthony Corini


20-years-old. Probably the hottest one? He auditioned for season two of The X Factor where they pulled a 1D move, teaming him up with four other boys to make a band, they were incredibly hyper and cheesy. Needless to say they didn’t make it far, seeing Austin relegate to this band instead.

Drew Tilanus Dirksen


18-years-old. The more relaxed one he’s middle ground in being funny but not obnoxious and fairly attractive but no stunnah, Drew plays guitar and sings in the band.

Levi Matthew Jones


18-years-old. The loud and at times annoying one. He plays bass and usually films and edits the boys videos.

Nate Abraham Parker


18-years-old. The cute and quiet one, he plays the drums and looks about 13.

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