Matthew Daddario’s Sexuality Revealed!

Since his big break as gay character Alec Lightwood on Shadowhunters everyone has been asking: “Is Matthew Daddario gay?” and we’re here to give you the definitive answer.

It’s natural for us to first meet actors in gay roles and assume they themselves may be gay, but alas after much wishing Matthew Daddario is definitely straight!

While doing a little snooping around his social media, which trust me is sparse, photos of one particular female kept popping up; Esther Kim. A quick click on over to her Instagram page reveals a trove of adorable couple photos dating back at least three years.

While we want to be sad it makes us love Daddario more for not having to explicitly clarify his sexuality in interviews, and having well spoken and thought out responses to LGBT focused questions. He’s our MCM every Monday.

The actor first played a gay role in the 2013 movie Delivery Man, in his biggest movie role to date, as lothario Channing making out with several guys despite his little screen time.

Two years later the thespian joined the LGBT-focused movie Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List in a better sized role for the actor.

Later this year he signed on to star in Shadowhunters in yet another gay role. Though he auditioned for Jace, the creators decided he would fit better as Alec.

This larger scaled gay role for him has lead to numerous rumours of his own sexuality, however these were even existent years before as several blogs posted rumours due to his private lifestyle.

If we have inadvertently shattered your dreams here he is having a little make out sesh.

And here’s a fanmade video to make you fall in love.

17 thoughts on “Matthew Daddario’s Sexuality Revealed!

      1. Bisexuality is not being “bi-curious”. It’s not curiosity, it is the way they were born. Also, no one is jumping to conclusions here except the person who wrote this article. Just because he is in a long term relationship with a woman does not necessarily make him straight as bisexual people are attracted to and can have relationships with both sexes. “A Common Gay” was just pointing this out, not saying that Matt is bisexual, just that him being in a relationship with a woman does not rule out all other possibilities.
        Yes, some people are attracted to only one gender, but some people are not. The estimated percentage of self-identifying bisexuals in the US is actually slighter higher (1.8%) than that of gays/lesbians(1.7%). As to your comment that not everyone is gay, well no shit. If that were the case, we in the LGBTQ+ community would not face the kind of ingrained discrimination that we do. We would not have had to fight tooth and nail to get the right to marry whomever we choose (in the US, of course, those in many other countries are not as fortunate). We would not still have members of our community all over the world who live in constant fear of someone seeing the real them. If Matt is straight, good for him, never heard of anyone having their heterosexuality held against them, but the reason many fans want to know and would love it if he were part of the LGBTQ+ community is simple. We want LGBT actors playing LGBT roles. Matt does an amazing job, and we love him regardless of anything like sexual orientation.
        However, it is incredibly empowering for both fans and actors when LGBT roles are played by those actually a part of the community. There are so many reasons for this, I could probably never list them all but here are a few: 1) LGBT actors historically have not had an opportunity to play roles reflective of their own sexuality, because they just didn’t exist. 2) Many LGBT actors have hidden their sexuality, even if they were out to their friends and family for fear of it damaging their careers. The ability to not only share one’s sexuality without fear, but to actually have it open up possibilities in their career is a goddamn revelation. 3) Having actual experience with being a part of any community naturally gives one better insight and the tools to accurately portray a member of said community. Again, there are many more reasons, but it is late and I am tired. I will just conclude by reiterating that I love Matt, and I don’t think anyone is holding his supposed straightness against him, just pointing out that bisexuals (a population which is too often erased) do exist. I would also like to point out that I am bisexual, yet most people assume I am straight. If I do happen to mention my sexuality, it is often dismissed as a “phase” or “experimentation”. I am not putting Mentos in a bottle of Coke to see if it explodes, I am just being myself. I am not “bi-curious”. I know damn well who I am attracted to and I don’t appreciated anyone demeaning my sexuality.
        P.S. I do agree with the author of the article that, if Matt is straight, it’s nice that he doesn’t feel the need to constantly assert that fact.

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      2. Please who is called the f word because it sure isnt the Bisexuals and pansexuals lesbians as the case may be


      3. Wow what a well thought out response! I appreciate your input! To everyone questioning bisexuality I meant this article just to be there is no evidence of him being gay or bisexual as of yet, but of course that is more than possible! I guess I did overlook bisexuality! My bad!


      4. Umm ‘A’, if you are offend my MY opinion that’s your problem. I know a few people who use Bi as an excuse to sleep around. Sooo, your prospective and MINE don’t have to match. I have grown SICK of some females in particular getting hurt by their heterosexual partner and all of a sudden they are gay or bi (I’m like gtfooh with that mess). If you are genuinely born that way then great for you. I was referring to those that ‘experiment’ because its trendy these days. I DO however agree with gays, etc, play in gay parts for dif reasons. It would cut down on confusion and I would rather not have to hear about all this damn speculation about some of my fav actors. Hope you slept well. Smh


  1. me again!! just wanted to say that ‘A’ i actually love you and you said exactly what i was thinking just more eloquently and again i love you and am legit crying also wanted to say that to the out guide as well you are very cool thanks


  2. It’s interesting that Matthew plays gay characters. First, he must get paid a little more to play a gay character OR his GOY. Please look up the definition. Basically it’s a guy who enjoys the male body and makes out with guys but doesn’t have sex. Either way it’s his choice, who are we to judge.


  3. duckhunter1 do u ever get tired of: 1.profile pic 2.of commenting every time someone else does, and 3. do u just get tired period?


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