Where Are They Now? The Iconic Vanity Fair Cover Queens

In 2003 Vanity Fair released an iconic issue of their magazine featuring all of the early noughties teen queens that were at the apex of pop culture. Now 13 years later, the ladies are fully grown and have gone in a variety of directions.

Almost a prophetic article, almost all of the ladies are still a part of our popular culture, with others set to make their comeback. We’ve decided to catch up with the nine hottest stars of the early millennium years.

Amanda Bynes


By now we all know the sitch with Amanda Bynes. Following the article she was the poster child of wholesome teens with a second successful tv show What I Like About You, and a string of movies including Hairspray and She’s The Man. It was not until 2012 Bynes’ media exposure shot up as she began a downward spiral first starting with driving offences, then obscure tweets, until things took a darker turn with confessions of molestation, drug use, eating disorders and daily reports of her erratic behaviour which led to numerous arrests and involuntary psych holds. Now Bynes is no longer acting, and is far less prominent in the tabloids as she is enrolled in FIDM hoping to become a designer.

Ashley Olsen


Her appearance in Vanity Fair marked the height of Olsen’s mainstream success as she retired from acting the following year at just 18-years-old, thought this did not become official until 2012. However, in October 2013 she appeared in the music video for “City of Angels” by Thirty Seconds to Mars. As co-president of her Dualstar company she lived on the Forbes list even becoming the eleventh richest woman in entertainment in 2007. In the years since acting she has worked with her sister on fashion lines The Row, Elizabeth & James, Olsenboye and StyleMint, winning multiple awards including esteemed The CFDA. They have collaborated with both popular and high fashion brands and released a book Influence in 2008. Since 2014 she has been dating Academy Award-nominated director Bennett Miller.

 Mary-Kate Olsen


Though Ashley had retired from acting following the spread, Mary-Kate went out on her own into TV and film roles, until retiring in 2012. While her sister was squeaky clean, Mary-Kate faced a number of troubles in the press regarding eating disorders and drug use. In 2008 she caused controversy as she was caught in the centre of the large story following Heath Ledger’s death. Following a string of high profile relationships, in 2015 she married Olivier Sarkozy, the brother of the President of France. She recently debut a tremendous amount of facial surgery making it easier to distinguish herself from her twin.

Mandy Moore


Following her triumph in A Walk To Remember prior to her inclusion in  this mag, Moore found it difficult to find another hit until lending her voice to Disneys Tangled in 2010. As of now she performs recurring roles in TV and movies. Her music however, kept up with its own success as her albums always performed well as she is currently working on her seventh. Following a five year marriage with Ryan Adams, she is currently dating Dawes guitarist Taylor Goldsmith.

Hilary Duff


Duff was one of the more popular stars at this point in time. She worked steadily in TV, film, and music in the subsequent years, even penning a book trilogy. As she matured effortlessly into adult roles she turned down the main role in 90210. Her work only slowed down to allow time for her marriage to Mike Comrie and the birth of their son. In 2015 she made her big comeback with a starring role in Younger and a phenomenal album.

Alexis Bledel


Bledel continued her role as Rory in the popular Gilmore Girls series until 2007, and starred in the cult movie The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants. Despite her large star, she struggled to find work after her show ended participating in indie movies and bit roles in shows such as Mad Men, where she met and later married co-star Vincent Kartheiser. This year you are bound to see a lot more of the actress as she returns to her roots in the four part Netflix series Gilmore Girls: Seasons.

Evan Rachel Wood

2014 LACMA Art + Film Gala Honoring Barbara Kruger And Quentin Tarantino Presented By Gucci - Arrivals

After blowing up thanks to indie film Thirteen, Wood continued following independent ventures through her career, only crossing to blockbusters briefly with popular outings such as The Wrestler. She also began crossing over to television once more in 2009 with a role on True Blood, and later a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated role Mildred Pierce. Her personal life drew much press attention with a high profile romance with Marilyn Manson. She later held a brief marriage with Jamie Bell with whom she shares a child. She announced via Twitter she is bisexual.

Raven Symoné


Though she had a bright start as a child star, this feature came at the very beginnings of Raven’s teen success as her Disney show was only in its first season. The series was hugely popular lasting until 2007 with its own movie and spin off. Symoné did well in the Disney machine as she was featured in the original movie Cheetah Girls, and recorded both group and solo albums. She bounced around from projects in the years since including her own starring show that lasted one season State of Georgia before finding a permanent home on The View. She made headlines for her highly controversial opinions including renouncing her African American status. She is openly gay.

Lindsay Lohan


The article came just in time for Lilo’s peak as the following year she released her debut album and starred in Mean Girls. From here on she was a regular tabloid feature, a fact that became the downfall for her. Struggling to shed her child star image, Lohan’s personal life overshadowed her career aspects as stories of her diva-like behaviour and partying ways dominated the media. Lesbian flings, arrests, drug use, family drama and public spats circulated the star as she struggled to make her comeback time and again. She starred in an eight-part docu-series on OWN and as of now she’s kind of just chillin’.

Somebody even made a current version of the Vanity Fair cover that we have for you below!


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