Celebrity Big Brother Contestants: Ranked

It has been almost a whole week into this years Celebrity Big Brother, and yet so much has happened already! We’ve broken down the rankings of each contestant so far!

Romances, arguments, and a heap controversy already, this year is shaping up to be insumountable despite in its 18th season.

Saira Khan


Perhaps not the most obvious choice, Saira has been the spark that has ignited more drama in her first week than an entire season of Real Housewives. Starting off strong when she grilled James on his apparent racism the very first night, her unabashed opinions have reaped the season plenty of heated debates already. Yaaaasss Qween.

Stephen Bear


Repugnant, repulsive and egotistical? Perhaps, but the David to Saira’s Goliath he has been instrumental in almost every debate thus far, throwing in his poorly worded responses to just about anything. Never one to mince his words, despite his questionable behaviour we must congratulate his addition to the shows biggest storylines thus far.

Marnie Simpson


Yes she was a bit of a dick that night she flashed her tits in Saira’s face but theres no denying that the British public love a Geordie Shore contestant after crowing two of her cast mates previously. She has no shame in well…anything! And thats what makes her a fascinating character to watch. Already ditching one guy for her current beau Lewis, and proving she is unafraid to stand up for herself we think she’ll be around to party for a while. Side note: As a bisexual woman, she is one of our three LGBT members this year.

Ricky Norwood


Not much has been seen of Ricky thus far, other than him telling off Heavy D for calling Chloe “that”, yet there is something about a redemption storyline we love. While his housemates have accused him of sitting on the fence, we like that he appears to be the only youngster to refuse admittance to the devillish “squad”. We’re sure when he is allowed more screentime he will show himself to be a lovely guy.

Lewis Bloor


Like Bear, Lewis can get on our nerves every now and then with his super macho behaviour. His conversations with Marnie also have us cringing “i’ve shagged hundreds of girls but rarely made love”, pass the bucket. Despite that he wasted no time giving us the first showmance of the season, and more importantly the first dick flash! He even gave our girl Frankie his own private viewing! Now thats what I call an Ally.

Frankie Grande


Perhaps its the lack of screen time or a forgiving edit but Frankie hasn’t irritated us quite as much as he did on the US version. As an LGBT housemate we wanted to give him a high ranking before he inevitably does something to make us drop him down this list. He’s been fun, happy, engaging, and yet has stayed away from all of the surmountable drama. Work bitch!

James Whale


Quite the polarising figure, we quite that James marches to the beat of his own drummer, but his need to talk over houseguests, arrange “house meetings” and force himself as an alpha figure paints him as a bit of a wet blanket. That said he is great for going against the grain of the house which is always neccesary. His highlights so far have been the food fight, discussing nominations, and that awkward to watch talent performance.

Heavy D


BOOM! Honestly thank God he has given that ridiculous phrase a rest. A true wind up firgure Heavy D has gotten more than a few rises during his first few days in the house. Most of his time is spent in a corner laughing hysterically at something another housemate has done. His rejection from Chloe was hilarious and expected, yet his reaction has let himself down entirely. We’re not expecting too much substance from him, just a quick chuckle now and then.

Samantha Fox


When Sam Fox is named the most legendary housemate you know you have a dud of a bunch. She’s a household name and a cool chick at that, we’ve yet to see the best (or anything) from her yet, but that performance of ‘Touch Me’ was everything! Give us more Sam, please producers!

Chloe Khan


The usual suspects have been racking up all of the airtime this week but we suspect Chloe to be a personality that grows throughout the show. We’re mainly ranking Chloe so high as a congratulations to what she has achieved in her life over the passed few years, we love her rags to riches story and are so proud of what she has achieved! You go girl!

Katie Waissel


Her main scene thus far has been a recount of her media altercation with Cheryl Cole, and honestly we’re team Katie. She was a young girl during her time on the show and was given a barrage of hateful messages and death threats in a time where Twitter had just began to blow up. From what we have seen on the show, she is a nice, simple girl and we’re hoping others will peep that too!

Grant Bovey


Ugh, it’s one thing to be labelled a love rat, yet Grant has taken that to another level by showing us first hand. Cheating on his British Sweetheart of a wife, Andrea Turner with a girl half his age, he then dumped that mistress so that he could be single on the show! After a failed start with Marnie he seems a little bitter, but we’ll see if he tries anything with Chloe. Gun to our head, we’re hoping he’s the first evicted this year.

Renee Graziano


I’m pissed. One of the few Brits obsessed with Mob Wives I had high hopes for Renee, a tough as nails broad we were hoping she’d be this years Michelle Visage for us. Yet she’s anything but. Despite a promising start we have yet to hear any mob stories from her, she has an awkwardly motherly/sexual relationship with Bear and most disgustingly, stated that bisexuals must “pick a team”. Cancelled.

Christopher Biggins


Honestly fuck Biggins. Yeah, he’s a national treasure, favourite to win before he even began the show and an all around sweet guy. He’ll provide good TV no doubt, and already has after being chosen for the first secret task. There is one thing we find hard to get passed and that is his biphobic comments. As an established figure of the gay community, we are appalled he could be that close-minded and hurtful to his own community. And he’s still favourite to win? Bullshit. Fuck Biggins.

Aubrey O’Day



Are you watching Celebrity Big Brother? If so who are you rooting for so far?

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