Why You Should Be Watching Devious Maids

When Desperate Housewives left the air in 2012 there was a void in our planner devout of female-led sexy and whip-smart fun that only Marc Cherry could pen. It was less than a year later that he joined forces with producer Eva Longoria to create prime times answer to a darkly comedic soap opera.

What’s the name of the show? Devious Maids

How many seasons are there? We’ve just wrapped up the fourth season now! But if you’ve yet to watch we’re sure you’ll catch up in no time!

What is this show all about? As the title suggests; the series centers on five Latina maids working in the homes of Beverly Hills’s wealthiest and most powerful families. As the underlooked members of these households together they know every secret in the zipcode and as deadly mysterious loom each series, they must combine their mights to uncover the truth.

Who does it star? Our series lead is none other than Ugly Betty‘s Ana Ortiz whom as you soon discover is hiding secrets of her own as the newest member of the clique Marisol Suarez. Dania Ramirez who you may recognise from Heroes plays sweet yet ditzy single mom Rosie Falta who gets a little too close to her boss much to the chagrin of his wife. Roselyn Sánchez appears as the seductive diva Carmen Luna who is desperate to leave her maid moniker behind for the bright lights of stardom. Scrubs star Judy Reyes rounds out the ladies as Zoila Diaz, the straight talking and dry-witted member of the group who is showing her daughter the ropes.

While the maids are the heart of the show there is no doubt in the driving force of the maids employers. Rebecca Wisocky provides one of the series’ most colourful characters Evelyn Powell. Stone cold and disturbingly rich she is filled with ruthless and cunning ideas to succeed in life in every facet. Along with husband Adrian Powell (played incredibly by Tom Irwin) the dynamic pair constantly find themselves at the centre of dramatic happenings, both their own and others. Grant Show provides our primary romantic male lead as the unhappily married Spence Westmore who soon finds love with one of our maids. Finishing off the core cast is legendary Susan Lucci as the wealthy Genevieve Delatour. Despite making her way through life on her good looks and ex-husbands spousal support, she anything but the gold-digging stereotype as her big heart leads her to much heartbreak and manipulation.

What about the eye candy?  If Mr. Spence doesn’t quite do it for you, our main eye-candy falls to the rich son of Genevieve Remi Delatour whose love affair with a maid questions his social standing, he also spends the majority of his time topless by the pool. Bonus. A few seasons into the show comes perhaps our juiciest eyecandy thus far in male maid Jesse Morgan. Sweet, sensitive yet all man, he leaves all our ladies dropping their jaws and *ahem*, other things in his presence.  Aside from these two there is a revolving door of attractive male lovers for each of our maids from Desperate Housewives’ James Denton, Premium Rush star Wolé Parks, and telenovella superstar Cristián de la Fuente.

What’s it similar to? From the genius mind of Marc Cherry comes his Desperate Housewives successor in every sense of the word. With just ten episodes there is no room for filler as each episode is packed with more drama and twists than any other show on television meaning nothing is off limits and storylines seldom become stale.

Isn’t it offensive to have all the latina stars as maids? A controversy since its inception this statement has been thrown constantly, producer Eva Longoria even poked fun at the topic during a cameo in the shows latest season. In her own words: “The stereotype we are grappling with here is that as Latinas, all we are is maids. And yet, this is a show that deconstructs the stereotype by showing us that maids are so much more. Are Latinas teachers and doctors and lawyers in America today? Yes. Should their stories be told as well? Absolutely. But, this show is called ‘Devious Maids,’ not ‘Latinas in America.”

While the debate has no easy answer, it is quite the feat to have five latina women heading their own show and telling their stories.

How do the later seasons compare in quality? The first season was something so fresh and new, and while the format has stayed the same, the show is as good as ever. Each season brings a fresh mystery full of jaw-dropping twists and turns, of course some are a little more beyond belief than others they each pull intrigue nonetheless. As the show grows as do the characters, unearthing new characteristics and dynamics between each other and themselves. A dividing factor in the show could be the soap opera aspect; one moment characters are being held at gunpoint, the next they are discovering a love-child, or suffering with a brief bout with amnesia. Nothing is too far but thats what keeps it interesting.

Our Verdict Is: Sexy, soapy and mysterious, this show will keep you on the edge of your seat from the opening scenes to the closing credits scrambling to find answers to the overall mystery while enjoying the individual episodes. With incredible writing and a perfect mix of comedy and drama, this show is everything!


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