Ranking Britney Spears’ Albums

We are just days away from a new Britney Spears record, and after a stellar Billboard performance this year, her tour progressing from strength to strength and an upcoming VMA performance we have decided to rank our pop princess’ previous offerings.

8. Britney Jean

While it holds the last place on our list, Britney Jean is anything but a poor album. It may have been given the moniker ‘Flopney Jean’, but the record holds a number of decent outings from Brit Brit; Perfume, Don’t Cry and Alien are all stellar contributions while Work Bitch, Tik Tik Boom and Body Ache bring the bangers. Despite this, many of the other contributing tracks left alot to be desired, often paired with a heavy use of autotune (even for Britney). While will.i.am received much of the backlash for the album, the production is pretty sound as Britney dabbles in new sounds infusing EDM and trance into the album.

Highlights: Work Bitch, Alien, Perfume, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache


7. …Baby One More Time

This is the album that shot Britney into superstardom, selling over 30,000,000 units and containing her iconic debut single, …Baby One More Time there is no doubting this was a strong platform for Britney to begin her career.  On reflection, the album was not her strongest containing many filler tracks, an overabundance of ballads, and sickly sweet lyrics, young Britney was still finding her voice as an artist sounding at times like a female Backstreet Boy and other times a reject Christina Aguilera tribute act. While some of the bops are fun for a throwback, songs like E-Mail My Heart are horribly outdated.

Highlights: …Baby One More Time, (You Drive Me) Crazy, Thinking About You


6. Circus

Her comeback album, Circus had alot to recover from after Britney’s highly publicised breakdown and that infamous VMA performance. The singles were some of the singers strongest, each becoming smashes in their own right, and the dance-heavy tracklist formed a joyfully fun, and sexy album. The biggest problem facing Circus was the lack of ingenuity Britney often brings, hoping for a successful comeback, the album stays safe through the duration; a stark contrast to its predecessor. Despite its middle of the road stance in her overall discography, the record is dance fun that you dont have to over-think!

Highlights: Circus, Womanizer, If You Seek Amy, Kill The Lights


5. Oops!…I Did It Again

Britney’s sophomore album did not disappoint listeners as her team took everything that was good about the debut and churned out more of it. Gone were the fillers and tracks saved from the record labels cutting floor, and instead were pop anthems tailored to Britney herself. By the point she had found herself as an artist and we were given unadulterated Britney in all of her glory. Only penning one song on the album Dear Diary, the lack of personal resonance is what brings the album down the list.

Highlights: Oops!…I Did It Again, Stronger, Don’t Go Knockin’ on My Door, Lucky


4. Britney

This album brought the fully-realised version of Britney we have today, following years of playing the innocent girl she shed that label for a more mature sound and look. A deeper look into Britney as a person and not just a money-maker, it was fitting the album be self-titled.  A true coming-of-age album she hits on everything a true angsty teenager thinks about as they transition into adulthood; breaking away from authority figures, an interest in boys, trying new things and self-discovery. The only downfall of this outing is a few tracks seem to be chosen to crossover with her acting role in Crossroads.

Highlights: Boys, Cinderella, I’m a Slave 4 U, Overprotected


3. Femme Fatale

After a decent comeback with Circus this was the peak re-invention of Britney as she debut a whole new sound with a record jam-packed with dancefloor anthems. With the casual ease of somebody who knows they’re back on top, Britney lays out EDM bangers one after the other that dares anybody not to dance along. While the lyrics and vocals aren’t anything remarkable, the production is sensational making 30-year-old Britney current and fun with perfect ease.

Highlights: Till the World Ends, I Wanna Go, Big Fat Bass, Criminal


2. In The Zone

By the time In The Zone came out Britney was a fully-fledged pop princess at the top of the pop game, yet this record elevated her to another echelon, even bagging her her sole Grammy win. The album includes an iconic duet with Madonna as she passes her pop crown to Britney, as well as the legendary Toxic. Here Britney was no longer complaining about being restricted or asking to be seen as a woman, she was now totally in control of herself writing and producing many of her own songs. The final record before her breakdown it was experimental, sexy and edgy with a perfect balance of bangers and ballads.

Highlights: Me Against the Music, Toxic, Breath On Me, Everytime


1. Blackout

Is there an album in existence more iconic than Blackout? Infamous as Britney’s greatest and most underrated album, it was a victim of a lack of promo due to Britney’s personal troubles and the majority of the tracks were never played live until her comeback tour over a year later. Something about her breakdown caused Britney to create some of her most innovative music as she opted for a more R&B, urban sound that made the star grittier, and edgier than ever. Working with some of the biggest names she let go of her inhibitions, embracing her downward spiral with a dark pop masterpiece. This is also where she coined the historical phrase “it’s Britney bitch!”

Highlights: Gimme More, Piece Of Me, Radar, Hot As Ice, Break The Ice, Toy Soldier, (There is not one weak song on the album)



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