Meet The All Star Queens Of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Four years we have been waiting for All Stars and it is finally here! Without the dreaded duo twist, and introducing a new ‘vote your friends’ one, we’re ready for the most sickening season yet.

Before we begin the new competition, we thought we’d refresh our memories of the ten accomplished queens all vying for the crown and that legacy!

Name: Adore Delano
Season: Six
Original placement: Runner-up
All Star Moment: Her show-stopping performance in Shade: The Ru-sical

Adore was the underdog of her season, struggling with confidence issues she was the one you rooted for the entire way. While Bianca Del Rio had the title in the bag from the offset, it was Adore who grew the most throughout the season bringing heart to the show. Since leaving she has made quite the success with her music, both charting on the Billboard charts.


Name: Alaska
Season: Five
Original placement: Runner-up
All Star Moment: Never falling into the bottom two and her post Drag Race career.

Season five was made for Jinkx Monsoon, the sweet underdog she was the outcast of the season, especially standing next to ‘Rolaskatox’. A third of the group Alaska struggled with wanting to hang with her friends and show herself off as a performer. She was plagued through her time on the show with her superstar partner Sharon Needles, though performed excellent nonetheless. Now she has had time to grow her craft she is the clear front runner this season, as one of the shows most popular contestants.


Name: Alyssa Edwards
Season: Five
Original placement: Sixth
All Star Moment: ‘Backrolls?’ or any of her memorable phrases.

Alyssa Edwards was constantly at the bottom of the heap during her season, saving herself multiple times through her legendary lip-syncs. While she struggled with challenges her personality made her a star, effortlessly funny she snatched Miss.Congeniality and enjoyed a successful career after the show with her strong fanbase.


Name: Coco Montrese
Season: Five
Original placement: Fifth
All Star Moment: Her outstanding lip-syncs.

Through her season Coco was a bit of a joke, her looks were never quite polished and she fell to the bottom of the pack quite a bit. Her age, blue-coloured contacts and super orange highlight all turned the audience off her but her on stage talents kept her in it. Her fued with Alyssa was perhaps what kept her around so long, but soon grew weary.


Name: Detox
Season: Five
Original placement: Fourth
All Star Moment: Her black and white reunion look.

As a member of DWV, Detox was at a distinct advantage walking into the competition with a ready-made fanbase. While she had a huge personality and performed consistently well, she was criticised for not giving it her all, costing her the final stretch to the crown in such a strong season. Since the show, she has certainly been performing to the most of her ability, and is a strong competitor to bring back.


Name: Ginger Minj
Season: Seven
Original placement: Runner-up
All Star Moment: Her John Waters-inspired ‘Eggs’.

The only big queen to make it to the finale of any season, Ginger was a consistently great performer whose comedy outshone any other in her year. She was criticised for her bitter testimonials, as if a shady drag queen is unheard of. She was pretty great at most challenges that faced her, but in the year of fashion and glamour her looks fell flat. Now she is in a season about personality she should do well.


Name: Katya
Season: Seven
Original placement: Fifth
All Star Moment: Her off-kilter sense of humour and boundless flexability.

Season seven’s Miss Congeniality, she caused fan outrage following her elimination as they picked her as their intended winner. A strong all-rounder, with an original flare she excited many as a true star in a lacklustre season. Her insecurities shadowed her talent as she often second-guessed herself and put herself down. Unabashed of these things now she should soar to new heights.


Name: Phi Phi O’Hara
Season: Four
Original placement: Runner-up
All Star Moment: Being the shows OG villain.

Phi Phi O’Hara became the shows first true villain during season four, while she was a decent enough queen with two challenge wins and great looks, her negative personality is what many remember her for.  Her drag has become more refined as of late, as she stepped out of her show girl get-up and debut her cosplay-heavy 365 days of drag.


Name: Roxxxy Andrews
Season: Five
Original placement: Runner-up
All Star Moment: That wig reveal.

Roxxxy was a phenomenal performer in season five, winning her share of challenges, displaying stunning looks and delivering jaw-dropping lip-syncs she was definitely one to watch but her ugly rivalry with Jinkx is what tarnished her reputation. She has taken on responsibility for her actions and is back to redeem herself in the eyes of the viewers relying on her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to strive, and not dirty tactics.


Name: Tatianna
Season: Two
Original placement: Fourth
All Star Moment: Doing a better Britney than Derrick Barry.

Tatianna was just 21 when she first competed on season two. Her cast mates saw her as easy competition but she continuously surprised when she pulled it out of the bag time after time. Her comedy was there and she was never afraid to speak her mind but was told numerous times to ‘stop relying on pretty’. The only girl from season 2 she has had the most time to grow. Definitely the one to watch.


Who are you rooting for?

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