Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Episode 1 Ruview

Yaaaas! The first episode of Drag Race has finished and it was sickening! It seems so much happened in such a short amount of time but we’ll try to give you the rundown!

While there have been an endless string of memorable queens since the first All Stars to choose from, Ru has given us a top quality selection this year, without a weak one in the bunch. Rather than choosing the worst of the bunch to shashay away, we can now appreciated the great work each queen brings to the table and enjoy while they oust one another.

Despite fan-favourites like Alaska and Katya being a shoe-in everyone else is stepping up their game too! We have a feeling this is going to be one tough race.

Upon all the queens entering the work room, immediately dynamics formed as pre-existing relationships were already made. Tatianna seemed somewhat of an outsider coming from a season so long ago, former foes Coco and Alyssa showed off their newfound friendship while Rolaskatox were on rocky ground. Having the queens know of one another from the get go there is no waiting around as they all jumped straight in.

Speaking of not waiting around the mini-challenge this week was a fan favourite, reading each other to filth! With so many seasoned queens who all knew each other there were some hilarious reads but Alaska took the cake and won that challenge.

The main challenge was just as satisfying as the girls showed off their very best in a talent show extravaganza! Adore, Alaska, Ginger, Detox and surprisingly Phi Phi all chose to sing with only Alaska’s self-penned campy number and Detox’s neon-EDM fantasy really wowing the judges. Katya was safe with her gymnastics, as was Alyssa with her ‘veriety’ act in which she unfathomably pretended to puppeteer before performing a hectic dance. While she also danced Coco tried something new and failed miserably, falling into the bottom three alongside Adore and Phi Phi.

Roxxxy won with a show-stopping burlesque in which she not only unrevealed her clothes, but also her wigs! She really has a habit of that. The second winner was shockingly Tatianna with a spoken-word performance at that! It was very smart, humorous and unique, showing she has really improved since her time on the show. Seeing all of the performances really brought home what a stellar cast we have this time around.

On the main stage Ru and Michelle were joined by Carson Kressley and Ru’s new fave Todrick Hall, were not quite sure whats happened to Ross Matthews. Raven Symoné was our guest judge for the evening and apparently we’ve been pronouncing her name wrong all these years! (note: it’s Symon-YAY)

It is here Ru drops the bombshell on the queens and viewers, this year the bottom two will not lip-sync for their lives, instead the top two will perform for their legacy and the right to send one of the queens packing! Fortunately they will only choose from the bottom three of the week! While we’re not sure how this new twist will pan out, we’re hoping a queen wont be unfairly sent packing in the name of strategy.

The new twist immediately brought a tonne of drama, as we witnessed tears, pleading and arguments over how queens should choose who to send home and how it will effect friendships and the competition. The only way to ensure yourself to the end now is to perform your best every week and not allow yourself to be picked off. We’re hoping this will light a fire under some of the girls asses.

No longer being the ones to make the decision it was hilarious to see Ru and the judges giggling over a fruity cocktail in one of the more light-hearted moments of the night, in between the girls breaking down simultaneously.

Winners Roxxxy and Tatianna lip-synced to ‘Shake It Off’ and after a high energy performance, the former was awarded the overall champion and $10,000. After a teary explanation, Roxxxy went with her head and deservingly sent home Coco. It really struck with how easily the girls can pick one another off to go home.

After hugs and kisses Coco was visibly upset at being the first to her the boot, but while giving her goodbye message a fiendish Ru cackled from the television, telling her she would get a chance to wreak revenge in the future. While we are uncertain as to what this means, we are more than excited!

Despite all of the highlights from the episode, one distinct storyline in the works was that of Adore. After being tore down by Michelle for her look and blasé performance she was immediately taken back two years to the insecure person she was the first time around. Feeling her punk mentality would not be understood she crumbled under the pressure assuring the girls “I don’t belong here”. It looks like that may be true as numerous reports mention she may opt out of the show. While we would be super sad to see her go, it probably is the best for her.

Next week we have another fan favourite, ‘Snatch Game’! Make sure to tune in on Thursday!



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