YouTuber’s To Watch: Zachary Campbell

With so many gay YouTuber’s on the net we have decided to break down which ones you should be watching and why. First up is without question is Zachary Campbell.

After joining YouTube Jun 2, 2009 under the pseudonym MrMortorMouth, Campbell’s early videos were a mess of low budget skits and crazy spoofs (No shade). However, he soon began attracting viewers in 2013 once he began reacting to Lady Gaga videos. Despite Gaga-heavy material he soon branched out to the likes of Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Katy Perry for source material.

For unclear reasons Campbell ceased posting videos on his main challenge, and moved full time to his second self-titled channel. Once here it was not long until he widened his pop culture reach and began posting reaction videos all the time.

Quickly the YouTube personality began gaining traction: being featured on The Graham Norton Show alongside his idol Gaga, appearing in a video interlude during Beyoncé’s Formation Tour and rubbing shoulders with online celebs like Shane Dawson.

Now Campbell boasts 71,052 subscribers and an overall count of 6,684,896 views with a steady fanbase. He regularly updates his social media, and streams himself via Periscope and YouNow time and again for his fans. He even has his own merchandise which can be found via his website

His channel is currently at the best it has ever been as he uploads regularly, and seems to have his finger on the pop culture pulse. Time and again the production is a little messy, but thats just another reason we love him, because it doesn’t feel generic like others. He is clearly having a great time, and so are we!

After viewing one of his legendary reactions we’re sure you’ll begin binging out on all he has to offer as his over-the-top dramatics, and no-nonsense opinions are always flavoured up with a little off beat lingo and alot of fierce-ness. It’s like watching along with your lifelong bestie.

Check him out below!

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