Project Runway Season 1 Episode 4: Re-Viewed

Four episodes in the judges decided to shake things up, putting the contestants into teams brought tears, fights and questionable designs.

This weeks challenge was to design a head to toe look for singer Sarah Hudson. Unbeknownst to them, the challenge was set for teams, with only the leaders eligible for the title of winner that week.

After pitching their ideas to the singer, she chose Kevin, Jay, and Austin to be team captains. The three teams consisted of Jay, Kara and Robert. Austin, Wendy and Vanessa. Kevin, Nora and Alexandra.

The group dynamic of the show clearly did not work well with the designers egos, soon leading to tensions flaring.

Jay didn’t care much about his teams opinion, and despite respecting Kara he relegating Robert to his ‘slave’.

While Wendy sunk into the background blindly supportive of Austin’s decisions, Vanessa decided to rock the boat wanting to do things her own way. An accident involving Vanessa caused a heated confrontation between Austin and Robert.

Despite a strong start, Nora and Kevin butted heads throughout the decision making process, only intensifying once a pattern piece went missing, causing Nora to storm out of the workroom. Upon reentering she had a teary breakdown after a disagreement with Vanessa.

The core judges were all present with guest judge Sarah Hudson, who the designers were creating looks for.

The following looks are ranked from my personal best to worst:

Team Kevin: This outfit was true 2004 emo. A hot pink dress with a healthy mix of polka dot and stripes, with a flipped collar and tie, it was Avril Lavigne on Acid. With leg warmers and matching polka dot and striped straps around the legs, the look had everything but the kitchen sink on it. Styled with a cool mohawk. It was the clear winner of the three looks.


Team Jay: A real Rock N Roll outfit. The team put together a leather corset with short fur sleeves and a popped distressed collar. Despite some odd three-quarter padded leggings, the look featured a pin striped accent laced to the waist, which was fitting to the style. The multicoloured skirt of torn fabrics looked cool but was thankfully detachable. The group styled the outfit with boots, leather bracelets and crazy plaited, multicoloured hair. It was clearly the runner up.


Team Austin: What was supposed to be an alternative Alice In Wonderland outfit, turned into an actual Alice In Wonderland costume. While the dress was well made with a beautiful corset, and eccentric ruffles it was not the idea he sold to Sarah Hudson. A competition that includes hair and make up, the curled locks looked too cutesy, making the entire look seem like a life-sized doll with nothing cool or funky about it.


Hilariously the designers were asked who should be eliminated. Being the first instance of this it was met with shock, tears and threats of self-evicition. Yet Nora got the ball rolling easily stating her team captain. Soon joined in the decision by Alexandra. Kevin quickly shot back stating Nora.

Wendy easily gave out her team captain Austin’s name, while Vanessa surprisingly chose herself, soon followed by Austin picking her.

Winner: Kevin

Out: Vanessa

Note: Apologies for the poor photo quality, this was long before HD.

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