Project Runway Season 1 Episode 10 Re-Viewed

We are so close to fashion week, but before that we have the reunion show, and we’re sure this pack of designers have a lot to say for themselves.

After kisses and hugs, we start the reunion discussing Austin’s elimination and almost unanimously the cast decide he should have made the final over Wendy. A montage of his best moments proves him as one of the bigger characters of the show, a shoe-in for All Stars.

The three finalists are brought into the group and despite warm welcomes for two of the three Wendy received a frosty reception. One after another, the designers begin attacking Wendy’s actions on the show as she smugly sips her coffee like a true reality show villain.

To lighten the mood the second VT displays the designers love of alcohol and the unseen drunken antics they got into after hours.

Nina Garcia was named the hardest judge by the group, while Michael was labelled fair. Vanessa is questioned as to wether she regrets throwing herself under the bus, but she comes across defensive, attacking Austin when he spoke up.

Another VT to lighten the mood once more of the designers impersonations of one another, and of Heidi. We then jump into a collage of the King of runways words of advice, Tim Gunn.

Our next VT is a rerun of the Wendy’s daughter picture drama, and despite not gaining proof as to the perpetrator most fingers point toward Kevin, with Tim adding that he was alone in the room beforehand.

Following the formula, another cheery VT is ran of the casts bloopers. A handful of models join the designers on stage but Morgan isn’t amongst them so i’m really not interested. She wanted the producers to sign a letter stating they would not display her in a negative light so instead they dedicated her her own VT full of all her messy moments.

Next talk turns to a scathing interview Vanessa gave about her fellow designers, leading to her walking out. A discussion over who will win has Kara with the most supporters, followed closely by Jay and nobody in the corner for Wendy.

For the reunion show we decided to give each of our competitors their own yearbook superlatives:

Worthy Of The Title: Kara

Confessional Queen: Jay

Miss Congeniality: Austin

Bat Sh*t Crazy Villain: Wendy

Hottie Of The Season: Robert

Gone Too Soon: Mario

Cry Baby: Starr

Most Boring: Alexandra

Nice Guy: Kevin

Overly-Confident: Daniel

Most Lost: Nora

Dumbest Move: Vanessa

All Star Candidates: Austin, Jay, Wendy, Robert

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