Project Runway Season 2 Episode 4 Re-Viewed

We’re starting to get into it now, we can see who these contestants are as designers, but we’ll see how they handle being in groups!

After another tiresome model segment we get onto our next challenge, lingerie! It’s exciting in these early seasons that the majority of these challenges have not been attempted before yet!

With the designers pitching their ideas to Heidi in hopes of becoming the weeks team leaders, its fun to see how much interaction she has with designer and how naturally fun and smart she is. In the end she chose Daniel, Daniel F, Diana and Santino as the leaders.

A schoolyard pick leaves the teams

Daniel F, Chloe, and Kara.

Santino, Nick, and Emmett.

Daniel, Andrae, and, Zulema.

Diana, Marla, and Guadalope.

Between losing sketches, constant bickering, lack of time management, and a looming sense of confusion somehow the designers managed to pull of some work.

Alongside Nina Garcia and Heidi was fashion designer Cynthia Rowley stepping in for Michael Kors and guest judge Alessandra Ambrosio, a Victoria Secret angel.

The following looks are ranked from my personal best to worst:

Team Diana didn’t have spectacular items, but the vision was strong enough. The garments were all sexy without losing the sophistication, and the flowy material worked better in certain looks than others.

Team Daniel perhaps it’s due to the airing of the show a decade ago but there was little creativity behind these garments. For lingerie they are absolutely the best of the bunch, but they’re too regular to stand out. The masculine touches of ties and collars worked well however.

Team Daniel F didn’t do too badly of a job, but for a lingerie challenge they just were not that sexy. The materials were the same old, and the designs were not flattering. There was nothing interesting or different about these.

Team Santino fell hard this week. The garment turned out to be an absolute joke of an excuse for lingerie. Rather than sexy, the lingerie looked clown-like. There was so much happening with each piece that it looked clunky and distasteful.

Winner: Daniel

Out: Daniel F

Note: Apologies for the poor photo quality, this was long before HD.

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