Project Runway Season 2 Episode 6 Re-Viewed

Now the designers have all found their individual voices, it’s time for compromise as they must now work in pairs!

We start once more with another model pick, but at this point all of the designers are sticking with their original picks making the segment entirely ineffective each week.

Heidi presents the designers with this weeks challenge, to design a day to evening outfit for Banana Republic *promo* to be sold by the chain. Obviously the thought of having their clothes mass produced by a large retailer has the contestants pumped, but not for long.

Tim soon ruins the fun by informing the designers they must work in pairs for the challenge. Daniel and Andrea teamed up straight away. Marla and Diana decided to work together. Emmett picked Chloe as his partner, and with Kara and Zulema deciding to work together Nick was stuck with Santino, much to his chagrin.

To raise the stakes, Tim states that while the top two will both win the challenge, the bottom two would both be eliminated! That’s right, our first ever double elimination and one contestant could be dragged down by their team member!

While Andrea and Daniel, and Chloe and Emmett worked together well, Santino became rather overbearing on Nick, Diana and Marla butted heads constantly, and Zulema and Kara had a total breakdown. With the threat of a double elimination looming, all the designers were on edge throughout the process.

Tim Gunn entered the workroom to throw a curveball at the already stressed designers, giving them a new challenge to create a visual display to best present their outfit in just one hour.

Alongside out three regular judges was guest judge for the runway, Debra Lloyd head designer of Banana Republic.

The following looks are ranked from my personal best to worst:

Chloe and Emmett performed exceedingly this week. The skirt was tailored well with nice detailing, and the top was beautifully crafted. The jacket was the highlight with an interesting neck shape, and the duality really captured the essence of the task. Their window was also the best, perfectly displaying the day to night aspect in a simple manner.

Andrae and Daniel created a cool Banana Republic look. The drop waist dress was simple and youthful, while also having the right level of professionalism too it while also easily adjusting to a casual setting. The jacket was well made, and feminine.  Their window was smart using ‘Dressing for the 9’s’ as a play on words for the day to night styling.

Zulema and Kara‘s dress was beautiful. The pattern worked wonderfully with the style of the dress, and while it was fun the cut made it office ready. The jacket wasn’t that bad, but seemed more casual than professional. The judges commented on the messy finish to the dress. Their window display seemed to only focus on the night aspect, while it was nicely made it didn’t quite cover its intended focus.

Santino and Nick crafted a stunning look. While I really enjoyed the outfit they created, it was not very fitting to the task. The skirt was decent, the top was beautifully designed but the jacket while innovative was far too OTT for the brand. Their window was a mess, an attempt at a cool Banksy feel that flopped.


Diana and Marla‘s outfit was a little too business. The skirt was nice, and the buttons definitely added to the garment but it was perhaps a little too long. The material of the jacket looked heavy and uncomfortable, and the top was very plain. While their window display was admittedly rushed, I enjoyed the concept.


Winner: Andrae and Daniel

Out: Diana and Marla

Note: Apologies for the poor photo quality, this was long before HD.

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