Project Runway Season 2 Episode 8 Re-Viewed

In the words of Zulema, it’s really getting down to the wire now!

We kick the episode off with a model pick as always, except this time Zulema changes things up when she calls for a walk off. In the end she swaps her regular model out in favour of competitor Nicks model.

This week it is Michael Kors who gives the designers their challenge: to draw inspiration from a photograph to create an outfit.

Tim enters the workroom as always and tells the designers what we’ve been thinking for weeks, their work is lacklustre and they have to start pushing things more! Each designer had their own critique in what felt like a Drag Race episode of queens reading each other to filth.

Fed up of the process, Nick decides he is down with the show until Daniel gives him a three second pep talk to completely change his mind. Drama queen much?

At the apartments Zulema shows herself to be an outcast who revels in the drama, stating her intention to swap designers time and again to rile up her competitors.

Due to the earlier swap the models throw in their two cents, with Zulema’s model missing her old partner and Nick’s new model glad to get away from her.

Alongside out three regular judges last seasons winner Jay McCarroll was guest judge, expect him to be so extra.

The following looks are ranked from my personal best to worst:


Daniel did something not boring this week! His haute couture top was interesting and inspired, with the waist beautifully crafted. The plain skirt worked well in juxtaposition, and the models styling accentuated the garment.


Santino certainly has a style, and seldom breaks away from it. The dress was pretty, it flowed well and the bleeding of colours was stunning. The frill of the skirt made the model look wider however, and his signature working of the odd straps just looked messy. My first thought was Jay’s was Austin’s Grammy look.


Kara created a sleek, well-fitting dress. The length was nice and the shape was beautiful. The small caution tape detailing was an obvious nod to her inspiration, but just a little too literal. It was slightly underwhelming overall.


Nick was just not inspired this week. The top was decent but nothing special and the rest was instantly forgettable.



Winner: Daniel

Out: Zulema

Note: Apologies for the poor photo quality, this was long before HD.

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