Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Episode 2 Ruview

After a monumental premiere episode last week, things just keep getting better as the drama escalates with Ru’s all star cast.

We start the episode much like any other, with half the queens mourning Coco’s elimination, while the other half celebrate having one less contestant to compete with. Soon Tatianna answered a much speculated question from last week revealing that she had also chosen Coco to leave.

Ru enters the room and spills the T on this weeks challenge: Snatch Game! The queens are all buzzing over the fan favourite game, but as they excitedly discuss their idea Adore remains in the emotional funk she fell into during the last episode.

Once Ru swings by to check on the queens Adore discusses her desire to quit the competition over fears her drag aesthetic is not being understood by the judges. Ru does his best to talk Adore around but her decision is made.

An emergency meeting with Michelle is called and the two hash out their differences in a tense conversation. It is odd to see the two sparring in a new dynamic after working together closely since the last time around.

Adore announces her decision to the group, receiving a mixed reception. While many are mad at Adore for leaving, and while we would have killed to see her progress in the show we have to respect her decision to leave for her own reasons.

Phi Phi innocently enough gives Alyssa and Roxxxy some advice on their challenge characters, but is painted out by production to be a mastermind villain.

The legendary Raven and Jujubee are our celebrity panellists for Snatch Game, and we meet our full line up of characters!

Alaska channels an amazing Mae West, teaching the young kids who the classic pin-up seductress is. Katya performed an amazing Björk that was spot on, but appeared a little similar to the Kristen Wiig interpretation. Alyssa emulated Joan Crawford, and while the characterisation was less like the actual star it was a pitch perfect interpretation of the Mommie Dearest Joan, which is even better.  Ginger Minj did a decent job at Tammy Faye but failed to capture our attentions as much as the others.

For the following two I can’t be an amazing judge of character as I’m not familiar with the celebrities themselves; Phi Phi was decent as Theresa Caputo with some chuckle-worthy moments, but Detox was rather bland as Nancy Grace.

Tatianna looked absolutely stunning as Ariana Grande, but flopped at the actual acting part. Lord knows why she chose the pop star given her lack of defining characteristics. The donut-licking was cute though.

Roxxxy absolutely bombed as Alaksa, she failed not only to capture her friends quick wit but also to even say her catchphrases correctly.

It was nice to see Bianca Del Rio pop up to ask a question, and then surprisingly a cameo from Shangela! We love the integration of past queens throughout the show that they’ve been demonstrating recently.

As the queens prepare for elimination there’s more discussion of strategies, and while it certainly adds to the drama, we miss the queens just cutting up and kiki-ing.

Guest judge Ross Matthews joins our judges Carson Kressley, Todrick Hall and Michelle Visage.

Burning up rubber on the runway are the queens in their best latex looks.

Phi Phi O’Hara works the runway of course, her hair and make up are on point, and the rubber duck accessories are cute but the simple leotard is just not enough to excite us.

Roxxxy Andrews is giving us body, and haiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrr! While the dress hugs her in all the right places its a little eh.

Alyssa Edwards gets extra points from us for choosing coloured leather rather than the typical black. She worked the look with a matching wig and adorable lip print on her ass.

Katya steps out of the box for her look with a synchronised swimmer ball gown. The flowered swim cap and nose plugs was a nice touch. This is not what we were expecting for the latex runway, but we are more than grateful.

Tatianna looks vamp-couture. While the judges thought it was too simple, it’s miles better than Phi Phi and Roxxxy’s attempts. While it wasn’t the most gag-worthy look, the hair and make-up gave us a true fantasy.

Alaska put forward a strong high fashion look this week with an uncharacteristically sleek bob, interesting make up and a provocative dress.

Ginger’s look wasn’t the best this week. The colour and material of the latex looked like a 90’s space-age sci-fi get up. The look just wasn’t interesting or captivating.

Detox slayed the runway this week. Her outfit was original, fitted and gorgeous and the hair and make up were just as dope.

After another round of harsh critiques, the bottom three queens were Roxxxy, Detox, and Tatianna and the top two; Alaska, and Katya. While we agree on the winners, there’s no way Detox performed worse overall than Phi Phi.

After a fun lip-sync of Le Freak, Alaska snatched the title and sent Tatianna packing, the whole scenario was built for Rolaskatox drama, and poor Tatianna got caught int the crossfire. She did however get the same sinister message as Coco!

Next week our queens will compete in a women of history lip-sync extravaganza.

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