Mason Noise Causes Sexuality Speculation

We’re sure you have a brief recollection of last years X Factor’s most notorious contestant Mason Noise.

The always vocal singer took to his Instagram to shed light on his sexuality, but raised a few eyebrows in the process.

Taking to his 119,000 fans he wrote: “A lot of you have been asking if I’m gay or straight since I posted this with @gaytimesmag. Regardless of my sexuality we should focus on the two not being separate in society because actually, it doesn’t matter one bit”

While we agree with his sentiment, and the way he handled the situation rather than re-affirming his heterosexuality we can’t help but feel his ambiguity is in no part a mistake.

The singer has been known for his outrageous stunts to grab headlines, and this latest one has him back in the news once more.

Since the show the gay community have taken to the bad boy performer as he has performed in many pride events and at the notorious G-A-Y.

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