Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Episode 3 Ruview

With just two episodes down we’ve already lost some of our biggest queens, and had more iconic moments than we can remember.

Back in the work room, the queens all react to Tatianna’s departure, with Katya revealing she was her pick also.

It was not long until the queens fell back into laughing and joking around with Phi Phi being edited to look like a villain again.

Ru pops by to announce this weeks challenge, a lip sync extravaganza for the baddest women in history. The roles are pre-selected, which seems a little unfair.

With the girls preparing for the assignment, Alyssa brings the nights most entertaining segment as Phi Phi supposedly slates her for it. Thanks producers.

As they each get put through their choreography it becomes apparent that not only were the roles pre-determined, the entire performance is written and choreographed with the queens just falling into place.

During a conversation on her public image with Alaska, Phi Phi spills the tea that Detox was one of her online haters during her time on the show, due to her confrontations with Willam.

Opening the runway Rupaul welcomes guest judge Jeremy Scott alongside our regular pack Carson Kressley, Todrick Hall and Michelle Visage.

Alaska kicks off with a number as Eve, and did the best she could with the material. It was average. Phi Phi is up next as Helen of Troy and did surprisingly well after her past challenges this year. Ginger is next looking stunning in a gown as Catherine the Great, once again she too is average.

Detox killed her role as Marie Antoinette doing her signature kooky lip sync. Alyssa follows up with the performance of the night as Annie Oakley , using her dancing and comedy skills in perfect synchronicity. As Eva Perón, Roxxxy was sensational! We always knew she could lip-sync, but not that she was also this funny! Closing up is Katya as princess Diana, and while she performed the piece great the material was just not there.

Each queen performed so fantastically during not only their solo segment but through the entire piece, which has us questioning why certain queens were given far more material to work with than others. This whole week seemed a little unfair.

In case you are curious, Coco was going to be Joan of Arc, Tatianna was going to be Cleopatra, and Adore was going to be Frida Kahlo

On the runway Alaska’s look was outstanding and original, and that scream was hilarious. Phi Phi was EVERYTHING with her intricate cosplay look. Ginger was a hot mess, even with the lights that failed to work. Detox was out of the box and stunning. Alyssa was a little cluttered, but cute nonetheless. Roxxxy from the head up was killer, but the outfit looked a little cheap. Katya had great ideas but all together the look was a little boring.

Detox and Alyssa are named the top two performers for the week to little surprise, while Ginger and Katya are our bottom two.

During their deliberation, the queens were split with how they should, with some believing the lowest score should go, and others saying Katya had performed better overall and had more to show.

Detox and Alyssa battled it out to Taylor Dayne’s ‘Tell It To My Heart’, and while Detox went sensual Alyssa went full out with her tricks beating out her opponent and controversially sending Ginger packing.

While giving a kinda bitter goodbye message, Ginger receives Ru’s revenge video and we can’t wait to see which queen comes back!

Next week the queens will perform in a parody movie sequel of one of RuPaul’s favourite films.

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