Lady Gaga / Perfect Illusion: Review

After three long years since the release of her last album, not including the jazz record the singer put out with Tony Bennet, Lady Gaga has finally released new music!

At midnight September 9, 2016 Gaga was back. Dropping her lead single from her yet to be released fifth studio album.

What is most shocking about the new single is how stripped back it feels. After many complained the singer had gone too far during her ARTPOP era, Gaga was seen often in band t-shirts and ripped jeans, a far cry away from the regalia she used to sport.

Sonically it is like nothing we have heard from Gaga before, a more rock, retro feel over her usual disco and dance sound, displaying her beautifully raw vocals.

At just three minutes and two seconds, it is Gaga’s shortest lead single to date, but it is a concise track that works from one hook, where as other song have relied of four or five. The choice was seemingly deliberate to indicate a back to basics style for the outrageous performer.

Her first live performance of the song came just a day later at a small club as she stood looking relatively normal, singing into the mic with high energy but no gimmicks.

The lyrics of the track have far less convoluted and personal statements like much of ARTPOP and less intense metaphors like Born This Way and are instead more generally relatable.

The ear worm production is sure to work its way into anybody’s brain as the simplicity and catchiness stick with you long after listening.

It’s too early to rank it among the stars other work, but its a strong outing for a new and exciting era for the pop princess.

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