Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Episode 4 Ruview

After last weeks surprise elimination, all bets are off as the queens are all out to save themselves this week.

For the first time in the series the girls are all in disagreement over who should have been sent home the previous week, especially Alyssa and Phi Phi. Detox also revealed she had chosen Katya’s lipstick to eliminate her over Ginger.

The following day the feud between Alyssa and Phi Phi intensifies, but not for long as Ru enters the workroom to announce this episodes challenge; creating ‘she-quels’ to Ru’s favourite movies in pairs.

Alyssa and Alaska have Wha’ Ha’ Happened To Baby JJ? – a Whatever happened to Baby Jane? sequel.

Detox and Katya have Velma and Wheezy – a Thelma and Louise sequel.

Phi Phi and Roxxxy have Show Squirrels – a Showgirls sequel.

During the filming of their skit, Roxxxy, Katya, and Alyssa each struggle through their lines, a not so subtle hint to what happens later in the episode.

On the main stage Ru looks better than ever, and our judges are joined by an unusually quiet Nicole Scherzinger. Is it just us or is the main stage segment happening way earlier in the episode than in usual seasons?

Kicking off the Violet Chachki-inspired ‘two looks in one’ runway is Phi Phi, whose prince into princess transformation is sleek and beautiful.

Roxxxy follows up with a flawless Mexican double that gives us true latina beauty at the disco realness.

Katya’s mini dress into satin gown, while beautiful is a little boring, and the transition is less than smooth. Her Satanic reveal later in the runway is what really saves the look.

Detox is the only one of the girls to debut a triple reveal with three beautiful looks, and an amazing aesthetic.

Alyssa’s look is a little clunky to begin as she begins looking like a pair of bedazzled testicles, the reveal however is next-level as her evening gown is decked with old-fashioned camera’s that begin flashing!

Alaska’s first look is truly disappointing as she is basically covered in a cloth, however her second look is the best of the night as she comes out as Lil Poundcake! Truly iconic.

Show Squirrels is kind of a disappointing sketch given how much of a camp classic the original is. Phi Phi kills it as the aged Nomi, but Roxxxy is a little too OTT.

Velma and Wheezy is also a little weak of a skit, however it is once again more down to the writing than the acting of the girls. Both of the girls killed the challenge and worked best as a team.

Wha’ Ha’ Happened To Baby JJ? is perhaps the funniest video of the night, with both queens bringing the most laughs of the bunch. Alaska played the perfect Bette Davis, and while Alyssa was not great in the role she still had everybody in stitches just being her wacky self.

It was great to see Drag Race almuni in Pork Chops cameo, however Big Freedia’s involvement was confusing.

Phi Phi and Alaska rightfully won the top two of the week, while Roxxxy, Alyssa and strangely Katya were all placed in the bottom three. Another drawn out segment saw each other girls plead for their lives in the game to Alaska, while Phi Phi refused to listen to their statements.

Alaska won the ‘Got To Be Real’ lipsync which was hard to call, as Phi Phi killed it but Alaska’s Poundcake was just too hilarious. After a tearful speech she sent Alyssa packing.

The episode is not over yet, as the previous cut queens all get the revenge they were promised as they appeared in the workroom mirror looking furious, causing the biggest face crack in the shows herstory.

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