Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Episode 5 Ruview

Continuing from last weeks cliffhanger, all of the eliminated queens join our current queens once again in the competition.

The Phi Phi and Alyssa drama that the producers tried to desperately to create came to a head as Alyssa overheard everything Phi Phi had to say about her elimination.

Once again the girls must work in pairs for a stand up comedy challenge, this time the eliminated queens got to choose their partners. Alyssa and Alaska. Ginger and Katya. Tatianna and Detox. Coco and Phi Phi. Given nobody chose Roxxxy she is the MC for the evening.

During rehearsals with Ross Matthews and the hilarious Chelsea Peretti, each of the groups received a heavy load of criticisms, yet they each appeared to have strong initial ideas. It has also become apparent that Tatianna’s new phrase is ‘Choices’?

Ru hits the runway in spectacular fashion as always, and our beautiful Drag Race alumni is in full attendance for the comedy show, which we are living for!

As hostess and MC, Roxxxy had some stellar jokes, but flaked alot on the execution however she was humble and unusually likable! Bringing back Tasha Salad with her terrible puns, was a great decision.

Phi Phi and Coco both looked a mess, and has a woeful lack of jokes. The only semblance of a joke was the Doritos make-up, which has been done this season plenty of times before.

Alyssa and Alaska crafted a dynamic duo, both displaying the best of their personalities meshing perfectly together with their polar opposite sensibilities. It perfectly showed why Alyssa is destined to stay.

Katya and Gingers routine was smart and humorous, however it was heavily written and at times stagnant. It was great to see Katya’s Russian personality.

Detox and Tatianna knocked the challenge out of the park with amazing characters, jokes and rapport. Tatianna looked stunningly beautiful and proved that she was truly robbed with her elimination.

Alaska and Alyssa, and Detox and Tatianna are the top groups of the week, while Roxxxy and Phi Phi are the bottom two performers. Sadly but rightfully, Ginger and Coco are send home once more.

After the seasons greatest lip sync, Tatianna is told she is safe… shortly followed by Alyssa, giving us a most deserving double save!

With two winners both Roxxxy and Phi Phi were in danger of a double elimination, however both queens chose to send home the latter villain of the show.

Phi Phi, despite pleading producer edit for her villainous storyline had a very bitter exit to the show refusing hugs, throwing her lipstick and giving a half heated goodbye interview.

This has been one of the most amazing Drag Race episodes in Rupaul herstory, and we now have our greatest top six ever.

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