Who Is That Poppy?

Seemingly out of nowhere internet sensation That Poppy seemed to capture the attention of users worldwide, quickly gaining a cult fanbase; yet nobody seems to know quite who she is.

Poppy’s popularity came from the intense aesthetic that she never breaks away from. Her looks, videos, and statements each encompass a flawless, kawaii style admired by many Tumblr, and Instagram users.

What makes Poppy intriguing is the peculiarities surrounding her, the videos she stars in are always abstract, and often seem to lack any true sense.

With her cold, and stiff demeanor she has videos of herself repeating words for several minutes, acting out painfully dull commercials, and partaking in a generic interview. All of these pieces alongside several others are a clear comment on popular culture, and internet phenomenon.

Oddly, her social media had all been created in 2011 it was not until November 4, 2014 that she began uploading content to them. Alongside this, despite a very low-key internet push, with little actual promotion she is an Island Records artist with a verified Twitter account and a Vevo certified channel.

Fans are unsure wether she is playing a character, brainwashed, a project of the Illuminati or if she is encompassing a living art installation.

Despite her odd internet presence, her music is rather different.Her four-song EP, “Bubblebath,” is spunky, fun, and talented. The lyrics are catchy, and the production is funky, while the videos are stylish, and chic with a level of provocation as she includes controversial and often occult imagery alongside the innocent facade.

If you look more closely at the director behind many of Poppy’s videos, Titanic Sinclair, you will find he also features in a range of videos with a very similar aesthetic yet while Poppy has kept up her character across all social media, and in public for over two years now, he keeps his alter ego predominantly just to YouTube.

In a world where everybody knows everything about celebrities, Poppy is a revelation in that no matter how much digging people do, we are yet to learn anything more about the star. Not her real name, age, or anything personal. All we see is what she careful constructs for her fans.

Despite still not knowing exactly who That Poppy is, she is still worth checking out. Her music is bubblegum with a punk edge, and her videos are uncomfortably addictive. Before you go check out one last message from Poppy!

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