Project Runway Season 15 Episode 1: Review

Here we go again with another season of Project Runway, with the contestants and challenges more intense than ever!

As our contestants introduce themselves at a party, there are a few stand out designers we’re excited to see more from throughout the series. Despite this we have a Harley Quinn wannabe, a pre-exisiting rivalry, and a grating laugh edited by production.

Heidi and Tim crash the party setting the designers first task immediately! An unconventional materials challenge working from anything in the party! The group goes absolutely crazy; running, snatching, and  fighting while Heidi eats fondue – it is everything!

Tim enters the work room to ‘casually’ promo the shows new sponsors, and informs the designers that this is a single day challenge. As we get to learn more about the designers we are loving the quick cuts to their previous work to gain an immediate sense of their aesthetic.

As always there is a number of faults Tim picks out in our designers, but while some of them panic to fix the issues others brush off his criticism, sticking to their guns. Because that always works out well.

Heidi announces the prizes, and there’s honestly too many to even

Returning to Heidi’s side as judges this year are Zac Posen, and veteran Nina Garcia. The Today Show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie is our guest judge, and Tim Gunn sits in on the proceedings.

The following looks are ranked from my personal best to worst:

Dexter (High): This piece was so avant garde but so cute! The corset was an interesting pattern, that stood out against the simple colour of the garment. The material was laid beautifully as it created a stunning shape. He really stepped up the piece in the details, from shoes to jewellery to the inside of the dress, it was a cohesive project.


Erin (Winner): This piece was a show-stopper. The neckpiece was so intricately crafted that we can’t fault Erin in the slightest. We couldn’t even tell what the dress was made out of, it just looked like regular material! (We hope it wasn’t muslin)


Alex (Safe): Alex took this challenge to the next level. His dress may not be sleek, but the craftsmanship that went into the garment is second to none. Some of the colours worked beautifully together, and he demonstrated an knack for creating beautiful silhouettes and re-imagining with fabrics.


Tasha (High): The MC Hammer pants were just not cute for ready-to-wear, but as a look worked super well. The materials she mixed on the pant made a stunning effect, and the top was interestingly made but didn’t match. The Tim and Heidi bag was a nice little touch.


Brik (Low): While the judges were super critical of his outfit, we were living for his pants! We understand that the top he created was a little too offset, and the pants were not crafted amazingly but his creativity was in the right place!


Mah-Jing (Safe): His look was cute. It kinda reminded me of something Katy Perry would wear. Very sleek, and cool. His use of colour was just enough to garner interest without the garment looking gaudy. A solid safe performance.


Jenni (Safe): Tim was so right about adding the jacket. The top and shorts combo was cute and interesting, the paint work definitely gave it a little edge, but that jacket made the look quite honestly. That bagstrap belt was an unnecessary step too far, tacky.


Sarah (Safe): Despite not being featured much on the show, Sarah presented a pretty good look. The materials were used fittingly, not registering as cheap from the runway and the colour combination while a little jarring worked. The best part was the form of the dress, it was young and stylish, much like the models styling.


Cornelius (Safe): This dress was actually super cute, and interestingly made. The flower colour leading down the back was stunning, the only problem is we’re sure we have seen this look before. Perhaps we haven’t but it just feels reductive.


Nathalia (Safe): This dress is kind of 50/50. On the one hand its a sweet cut, and the metallic and fur combo pair unusually well. On the other, it sort of looks like tinfoil. Yes, it’s unconventional but it’s supposed to look adequate. She had more ingenuity than other of her competitors, so she gets a pass.


Roberi (Low): When Roberi’s model hit the stage it changed up the show. The dress was interestingly crafted, yet had an overall simplicity that made it easy on the eye. While the judges were split on the decision, we are fans.


Laurence (Safe): She displayed a good silhouette, and styling but girl, what did you do with all your time? The dress was ridiculously simple, but the corset was made beautifully which elevates her overall score. That necklace while cute, clashes with the dresses shoulders making the model look odd.


Kimber (Safe): This is the beginning of a steep descent in terms of designing this week. The dress shape was something different, and the top was detailed nicely. The skirt looked a little cheap, and the overall garment looked off.  001-fun11

Rik (Safe): Talk about boring, in comparison to the other designers this garment wasn’t even on the map. It was just so predictable, he seemed to work around the materials to achieve his design rather than, say it with me, “embracing the materials”. The black working was cute, but not enough to carry the look.


Linda (Safe): There honestly is not much to say about this dress at all. She did something to create texture with the top, and attempted a cool look of the skirt. While she did well to make the materials look like fabric, the piece was just a snoozefest.


Ian (Out): Ian should have taken Tim’s advice, his outfit was a flop. While we understand the power of a minimalistic vision, this was too tacky and busy to strike that balance. We’ve had an amazing polaroid dress on the show before, and this pailed in comparison.


Our Verdict Is: What an opening! We have some serious characters on our hands this year! We always love unconventional challenges, and we’re glad this one had a range of materials for our designers to use to create some different looks.

Jenni was featured heavily, but although she’s being a little shady, we’re kind of living for her. Brik is our hottie of the season and he actually has good ideas, so we’re totally rooting for him to pull through right now. Tasha is just amazing, who doesn’t love her? We’re also totally digging her designs!

Dexter didn’t get a great edit but he’s cute enough. Erin’s our kooky girl of the season, but she seems to be a little in above her head already, despite the win. Alex has an opinion on everything, but he’s kind of boring so we don’t really care.

Ian is the resident brat, he seems to be agitated and defensive about everything and i’m kind of over it already. We’re not surprised he left, even his previous designs were a little lacklustre. Mah-Jing just seems to be a simple and decent guy. Cornelius and Nathalia were previously school mates, and have alternated between saying they were friends and rivals so we’re excited to see what unfolds between the two

Roberi, Sarah and Laurence were not featured much this episode but we’ll see if their personalities evolve. Who the f*ck is Linda, and Kimber? We literally didn’t even notice they were on the show until the runway.

We’re so here for Heidi and Tim’s friendship. It’s so genuine and endearing, the pair drinking out of champagne bottles had us gagging! Plus, how does Heidi defy ageing? She is absolutely radiant all of these years later!

Photo’s courtesy of ‘projectrubino.blogspot’

One thought on “Project Runway Season 15 Episode 1: Review

  1. Man, you have seriously bad taste. You ranked that oversized piece of crap first?! The model looked bulky and frumpy and she is a model. She looked like she was playing for the National Towel League. God help your eyes.


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