Survivor Season 33: Ranking The Contestants

Survivor is now in it’s 33rd season! Quite the accomplishment, and with this cycles theme as ‘Millennials vs. Gen X’ they still seem to be going strong with themes.

Survivor hit our screens for the second time this year on Wednesday (September 21) on CBS. The tribes are once again split into two, with the older contestants vs the younger crew. By the profiles of the cast we have picked how well we think they will fair, but that could all change once we meet them in person.

20. Rachel Ako


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 37        Occupation: Recruiting director

Rachel is too good to be true in this competition. She’s fun, and sweet, with a perfect personality for the cameras. Her wish items would be SPF, tampons, and lip balm, so she’s camera ready. Amazing. We love her but we can’t see her meshing well with the group.

19. Zeke Smith


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 28        Occupation: Asset manager

We love Zeke, his inspiration in life is Joan Rivers, he’s shady and witty but we just don’t see him taking the survivor crown. While we’re sure he will make good TV, especially in his confessionals, we doubt he’ll make it through the first few episodes. He stated that he would “never live in New Jersey”, so we’re not sure how well he’ll get along in the jungle.

18. Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 23        Occupation: Bartender

Things could go either way for Figgy. While she has the look of a first easily elimination about her, pretty girls often find it easy to slip to the end of this competition. We’re sure she’ll be able to easily play the men of her group, but with one of her ‘wish’ items being a razor we think she could be a little to high maintenance for the elements.

17. Sunday Burquest


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 45        Occupation: Youth pastor

Sunday comes across as a filler contestant. She’ll be a loyal member of her tribes core group, but we’re scared her wanting to play an honest game with her Christianity could leave her game too open. As soon as trouble hits the group, they will have no qualms about stabbing her in the back with a throw away elimination.

16. Michaela Bradshaw


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 25        Occupation: Vacation club sales

We see Michaela joining an alliance on the island but we’re afraid she could be the last rung of said alliance. As soon as the shit hits the fan we think she could be used as a scapegoat with her love of taking risks. She seems level-headed and adaptable so hopefully she proves us wrong.

15. Paul Wachter


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 52        Occupation: Boat mechanic

With so many alpha males on one island we’re sure there will be quite a bit of tension and Paul may end up with the short straw if the guys choose him for the cut. As the oldest on the island, he will have to prove himself in challenges as his tribe won’t stand for any weak links.

14. Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 39        Occupation: Insurance adjuster

Is an all-female alliance too much to ask for? Cece boasts of being a strong woman in her bio, so if she can team up with her female tribe mates she could progress in the competition. If she inevitably plays with fear and bends to the will of the men, they may cast her off due to her strong demeanor.

13. Jessica Lewis


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 37        Occupation: Assistant district attorney

We have a feeling Lucy may want to be the head woman on the island alongside the men, this would leave Jessica cut in favour of that alliance. She seems kooky, loveable and fun, but we’re scared her kind nature will leave her on the oust of the strategising. They’ll cut her as and when they decide and she won’t have much of a fight.

12. Bret LaBelle


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 42        Occupation: Police sergeant

Police officers tend to do very well in reality competitions, but that could be a downfall for Bret. With a track record of police winners, if his tribe mates find out they may eliminate him in fear but if he can keep it under wraps he could use it in his favour. He’s also one of our gay contestants so we hope he does well!

11. Mari Takahashi


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 31        Occupation:  Gamer

Mari is quite the character. She’s sure to make great TV, and with so many misfits on her island she’ll fit right in. When the merge comes we can see her falling to the bottom of her alliance. She seems to be up-to-date on her Survivor knowledge so we’ll see if her smarts can work in her favour.

10. Chris Hammons


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 38        Occupation: Trial lawyer

Chris is our villain of the show. We’re guessing anyway. We think he’ll dictate his island during the early episodes of the show while scheming but it’ll soon catch up to him sooner or later. With an idol like “Boston” Rob, we can see him playing a hard, but no so subtle game.

9. Ken McNickle


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 33        Occupation: Model

A wilderness pro, Ken will be the leader of his tribe during the early moments of the show. The group will look to him first of all to help them live, and then naturally for strategy. He has an air of charisma that will draw people to him but as soon as they no longer have use for him they’ll quickly blindside him.

8. Taylor Lee Stocker


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 24        Occupation: Ski instructor

The ‘bro’ of the group, he will help carry his team through several challenges, and could make it quite far following the merge but his rambunctious ways will be the death of him. While we’re sure he’ll be fun, we doubt he will be understated. We think he’ll be the one everyone guns for but he won’t make it easy.

7. Will Wahl


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 18        Occupation: High-school student


The youngest ever contestant, he could really go either way. Either he will be an early out or he will run with the competition. His tribe mates will all overlook him, giving him the ability to fly under the radar while they take out one another. He acknowledges that every season is different so he will have to adapt to the game, but we think he’ll play to survive the game, rather than win.

6. Lucy Huang


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 42        Occupation: Dietician

We have high hopes for Lucy! She comes across as strong, smart, and cut-throat. Three of the most important Survivor personality traits. Already she comes across as the bad bitch of the island, she’ll work her strategy well and refuse to follow any man. We think her hard thinking could be her downfall later in the game.

5. David Wright


Tribe: Gen X        Age: 42        Occupation: Television writer

Describing yourself as OCD, nervous, and paranoid is not a winning combination in a game like Survivor. A self-described ‘outcast’, he’s building himself up to be in a terrible position with his group before even hitting the island. While his intelligence, and weak demeanor could work to his advantage, the group may drag him along for a vote until he manages to flip the script.

4. Justin “Jay” Starrett


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 27        Occupation:  Real estate agent

Jay has a lot going for him. He’s fit, handsome, personable, and most importantly smart! As one of the young, strong men he will sail through the early stages but while his camp mates worry about his physical presence they will most likely underestimate his intelligence. He want’s to play a strategic game, but we see him as one who will no doubt survive through a string of individual immunities and well timed deals.

3. Hannah Shapiro


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 24        Occupation: Barista

We don’t trust Hannah, we think she’s up to something. She comes across as very meek, and mild but we just know there’s a master plan swirling around that head. We’re confident she will use her dowdy charms to puppet the game. A super-fan she will pull killer moves and be a fan favourite but most likely will not get the recognition from her camp mates.

2. Michelle Schubert


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 28        Occupation: Missionary recruiter

We have high hopes for Michelle. Despite being a devout Christian she plans to play a super dirty game. We’re hoping she teams up with Hannah for a femmebot alliance. With so many Christians on the island this year we’re sure they’ll have her back, and her unsuspecting tribe mates won’t see her carefully executing their eliminations.

1. Adam Klein


Tribe: Millenials        Age: 25        Occupation: Homeless shelter manager

This is who we have chosen as our winner, don’t ask us why. As not only a super fan but a “super-duper” fan, we think he will play a slick undercover game throughout the competition. He is kind of a plain Joe, which is great for him – he doesn’t come off as the strongest, smartest, or most annoying, so if he can keep a good social game we’re sure he can blind side his contestants to the win!

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