Will And Grace Is Coming Back!

The rumour mill has run rampant over this for months, but now the beloved stars of the show have finally confirmed what we had all been hoping – Will and Grace is back!

Over the weekend, each of the four stars have posted less than cryptic messages to their Twitter accounts alongside pictures of their iconic characters, each interacting one another.

A video teaser was released, once more hinting at the event stating: “A band of heroes will assemble to protect the world from aliens & destruction,” the teaser reads (the bolded words highlighted in red). “Only an act of grace can save them in their battle for what is right. Only they can bring America back from the brink.”

While we now know the foursome are back together, and on set we still have no clue what they’re planning! Of course we all hope they’re bringing out a new season, but given the nature of the video it could be as simple as a pro-Hilary skit for the upcoming election.

There is rumours of a Netflix deal being reached, akin to Gilmore Girls, however whatever they have planned we’re still super exciting to get another look at our favourite gang of friends once more!

Since the news broke Twitter has been a storm with die hard fans of the LGBT show hysterically excited, and slightly confused over the news.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Erik McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes for more details!




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