Details Of Corey Haim’s Sexual Abuse Revealed

For several decades in Hollywood, details of a pedophillia ring in the industry have been vehemently hushed up until now.

Child abuse has always been an open secret in Tinseltown, and this particular Hollywood scandal is just one of many that has been covered up by showbiz insiders.

80’s teen icon Corey Haim first went public with the shocking story of his molestation experience on his reality show, The Two Coreys where he admitted to self-harming since the incident.

During the heated conversation with co-star, and fellow child star, Corey Feldman he admitted to being raped while filming the coming-of-age drama Lucas in 1985, aged just 14.

Feldman shot back stating he was also being molested around the same time, but did not disclose wether or not it was by the same perpetrator.

The abuse took its toll on the tormented star who along with other issues, struggled with drug addiction that eventually played a part in his death, when he fell ill with pneumonia.

It was following his death that the media truly ran with the story, with friends coming out the woodwork to reveal information about the events.

Before his passing the star allegedly revealed the identity of his attacker, who was a Hollywood A-lister, to two sources who told Radar: “Corey had bottled everything up, but he finally told me what happened when he was in his mid-20s,” one source said. “The man was the first of two who molested him. These men chewed him up and spat him out.”

Corey HaimFeldman did not shy away from the story as he detailed the tragic story in his autobiography Coreyography, as he noted several children were subject to abuse before being threatened into silence.

He wrote: “The man told Haim that sex between men and boys was normal in Hollywood, saying that ‘all the guys in the entertainment world do it.'”

In a distressing interview with ABC, he opened up about his struggles, once more discussing both his and Haim’s childhood abuse, stating it as Hollywoods number one problem.

Despite constantly discussing the abuse, even blaming the abuser for directly causing Haim’s death, he refused to name the culprit for unknown reasons.

While Feldmen was quiet on the matter, one of the two sources who Haim trusted with his secret took to his Facebook to share a lengthy post, detailing much of the story he was told. He pointed Dominick Brascia as the alleged abuser.

“Public Statement by Greg Harrison (close friend of Corey and Judy Haim).

I have had enough of the lies! I’ve had enough of all the deception and distractions to draw people away from the truth as told to me by Corey Haim. What I am about to say is not my opinion, it comes straight from the mouth of Corey Haim. I have also had enough of listening to people accusing and blaming Judy Haim for not protecting her son Corey. Let me tell you about this brave amazing woman who Corey loved dearly and often affectionately referred to her as, “The Blonde Poet”. Picture Judy Haim (The Blonde Poet) barging into a room and grabbing a pool cue and threatening Actor-Director and pedophile Dominick Brascia, to get off her son.

Yeah, that’s where Judy was when this stuff was going down, since I now find myself in the position of responding to all of Judy’s critics. I’m saying this right now! My name is Greg Harrison and I was a very close and dear friend to Corey Haim for the last twenty years of his life. In those twenty years I never once saw Corey Feldman in Haim’s life, until The Two Corey’s. Speaking of The Two Corey’s let me bring you back to the second season, to the episode which is now often referred to as “The abuse episode”. Corey Haim had no problem telling people what he wanted to tell them. If Corey wanted to say something, he would come right out and say it. Being Corey Haim’s friend is not for the faint of heart. He always spoke his mind and you always knew where you stood with him because he would never hold anything back if he didn’t want to. If he didn’t like something I did or said, let me assure you I would hear about it. So I always knew what he was thinking. To give you an example of what I am talking about watch the episode when Corey Haim confronts Corey Feldman straight on and straight up. The person Corey Haim was referring to in this episode is the man named Dominick Brascia, who also happened to be a friend of Corey Feldman’s.

Let me take you back on this famous timeline, when Corey Haim was around 15 years old when he first moved to LA, to act in a little movie that was to be called, The Lost Boys. It was Corey Feldman who introduced him to Actor – Director and Pedophile Dominick Brascia. It is also public record in many interviews that Feldman did and is no secret, that Feldman was jealous of Haim. Corey Feldman introduced this pedophile to Haim and a lot of other boys.

Now let me bring you back on the famous timeline to 1997 and a little film called, “Busted.” One day Corey Haim went to the set of “Busted” with his mother Judy Haim. When Judy and Corey Haim arrived on set, they saw both Corey Feldman and Dominick Brascia. Corey Haim had not seen Dominick in years. Judy Haim witnessed her son enraged saying, “What the Hell is he doing here?”. Corey Haim slammed and pinned Feldman against a wall and said, “I’m out of here man!” Judy Haim was a witness to this fight and also heard Feldman say, “Oh come on man, I thought you might like this!” Corey Feldman had arranged all of this even though he knew about the abuse that Haim had endured from Dominick Brascia. Corey Haim and Judy left the set that day. The next day Corey Feldman told the media that he had to fire Corey Haim because of drugs. This is yet another example of the many lies and abusive manipulation of twisting the truth that Judy and I have come accustom to seeing and experiencing from Corey Feldman.

I realize the article below is an older one, but I hadn’t seen it until just now, following all the bread crumbs on the trial that Feldman wants us all to follow. When I saw this stated in the article I finally lost it and can see very clearly the motive and cover up behind all of this. “Dominick Brascia, who said Haim was 14 years old when they met, confirmed the man’s name to The Enquirer. This is the only part that I have to begin speculating. But what I do know is that The Enquirer and this investigator is aware that Dominick abused Haim. I assume with this leverage, again I am speculating, that The Enquirer made a little deal with Dominick to keep his name out of all this mounting pressure to expose Hollywood pedophiles. I am still only speculating that they made him this deal and offered him money to confirm another name of an alleged abuser in Hollywood that Feldman seems to be after.
I hope this begins to bring clarity into explaining why Corey Feldman is doing what he is doing. He is trying to take everyone’s attention off of that one little episode where Corey Haim asked Corey Feldman some very good questions.

“Where were you when [I was] r*ped, so to speak, when I was about 14-and-a-half years old,” Haim said. “Yeah Feldman, where were you and what did you do about it? I agree as I have public stated in the media about you Feldman; that this is not my story to tell. But I agree with Corey Haim that it’s time to, “Take responsibility”! Take responsibility for what you did to Corey Haim and stop pointing your fingers at everybody else that you are seeking revenge on out of your utter jealousy and rage from what I agree must have been a very difficult up bringing in the industry. I realize Corey Feldman is also a victim and believe it or not I do feel bad for him. I do not hate Corey Feldman, but I am afraid he has crossed to many lines now that are still attempts to hurt Corey Haim and of course what this is all doing to his mother Judy Haim. Everything Corey Feldman is doing and saying is to take all of our attention off of Haim’s original question to him on the little show called, The Two Corey’s. Both Corey Feldman and Dominick Brascia are doing things to take the focus off of themselves and their involvement in both the abuse and pain that they have afflicted upon our Beloved Corey Haim.
This is a public statement and you don’t need to ask my permission to share or copy or quote from it.

I have said what I have said and I will not be spending any more time answering questions. This is the truth should you care to know it.”


Brascia blasted these claims, stating he and Corey were friends for many years, but he revealed details of the elusive abuser: “He [Haim] was 14 or 15 and his abuser whose identity he never revealed was in his forties. I’m in my fifties, the guy would be 73 today. If you believe this ‘friend of Corey’ you must believe Corey Haim lied.”

Brascia also took to the Enquirer to name the perpetrator, yet the magazine publication has since refused to reveal the details.

While Brascia is thought to be the man who abused the two boys, the identity of the second man rumoured to have sexually exploited a young Haim is far more shocking – Charlie Sheen!


During the filming of Lucas in 1985, Haim was 15 and Sheen was 21. Sheen was said to have manipulated his co-star into oral sex in his trailer.

Feldman had always been highly critical of Sheen, cryptically stating that he had some form of a negative effect on Haim that followed him through his life.

He said: “Charlie in particular, especially the way that he’s affected other people that I know — point blank, Charlie and Corey started their careers pretty much together, and Corey fought for his entire life to recover from those early experiences and to get his life together”

Mix this with what he wrote about the abuse in his book, people speculated that it could indeed be Sheen as he wrote: “[That man] walks around, one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist”

Now all of these years later, the distressing claims are being fully realised, as reports have emerged that the police are aware of the man who abused the two Corey’s, as well as several other young boys around this time. Sources say the moguls name will soon be revealed to the public, which will hopefully clear many suspects names and provide the due closure necessary.

Just as the story seems to be coming to a head, Feldman has spoken to Dr. Oz about his decision to retract from mentioning Haim in public, due to the latters mother threatening legal action over years of harmful claims.

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