Watch Now! First Trailer For James Frano’s King Cobra!

Earlier this year we told you about one of the most exciting upcoming movies, a gay porn biopic starring James Franco, and now we get our first look at the steamy action.

Alongside the gay-obsessed actor is Pretty Little Liars hunk Keegan Allen, and gay Disney star Garrett Clayton, as fellow porn stars.

The story follows one of porns most notorious stars Brent Corrigan, through his journey to become the most saught after film star of the noughties, as well as the gruesome murder he found himself in the centre of.

IFC Films have acquired distribution rights, scheduling the release for October 21. The flick has already received fairly positive reviews from all except former porn star Brent Corrigan himself.

Writer and director of the movie is Justin Kelly, who previously worked with franco on a still unreleased gay drama I Am Michael. 

By the looks of the sexy and overly-dramatic trailer, we could be in for an all-male version of Showgirls, and who doesn’t love that camp classic!

Watch the trailer below!

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