Reading Is Fundamental – Sorry Not Sorry By Naya Rivera: Review

Our favourite bitchy lesbian cheerleader has finally released her tell-all book, and with the daily drama from the Glee set, and her tumultuous relationship with Big Sean, and an intense feud with Lea Michele spread all over the tabloids we’re excited to hear the real tea.

As our personal favourite character from the show, we were big fans of Naya Rivera, and as some casual viewers may not know in real life she is whip-smart, witty, and full of opinions! Throughout the book you can really get a grasp of her charming personality, and dry sense of humour as every page oozes her feisty spirit.

For fans who are hoping for juicy exposé, you’ll be a bit a miss; while there’s plenty of celeb dirt in the book, the story follows Naya through her whole life. From childhood, to motherhood and all of the mistakes, and triumphs she makes between. She toes the line between relatable struggles to glitzy tales of chasing her Hollywood dreams, that are both equally compelling.514khwnluul-_sy344_bo1204203200_

Kicking off the first page with “Sometimes growing up happens in the blink of an eyelash extension”, you know it’s going to be a good read, and she talks to you as if you’re her friend. There are no airs or graces here, just alot of good chat that sucks you in to her life.

Wether you’re a fan of Glee or not we would still recommend giving this book a read , sure you can get the revealing highlights on gossip sites, but the book is actually a compelling read that can be done with in one sitting. Naya really has a talent for stripping herself down to reveal not only the good, but the bad and the ugly too.

Here’s a round up of the most newsworthy tidbits from the book:

Naya Rivera On… Glee!

Confirming years worth of rumours, she confirmed the cast had “the sex drive of bunnies and the bed-hopping skills of a polygamist cult. During the early season cast member would be in and out of each others trailers playing spin the bottle and swapping partners intermittently.

From then they would party at Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz’s house, which they nicknamed “the Love Nest” after a tabloid article. She didn’t reveal what went down there as she states “What happens at the Love Nest stays at the Love Nest.” She does hint towards hooking up with Chord Overstreet, and explains while she never dated Cory Monteith, the pair once shared a kiss.

While for many years she was perhaps best known for her lesbian relationship with Heather Morris’ Brittany, she reveals: “In the beginning, Santana and Brittany were just allowed quick pecks, because the writers had to assure the network that they were just dipping their toes in the gay pool.”


Naya Rivera On… Her Lea Michele feud!

“One of the Glee writers once said that Lea and I were like two sides of the same battery and that about sums us up,” Naya wrote. “We are both strong willed and competitive — not just with each other but with everyone — and that’s not a good mixture.”

She continued, “As the show progressed, though, that friendship started to break down, especially as Santana moved from a background character to one with bigger plot lines and more screen time. I think Rachel — erm, I mean Lea — didn’t like sharing the spotlight. On top of that, she had a hard time separating work from our outside friendship, whereas it was a lot easier for me. I’m not offended when people offer feedback or criticism, and if things get heated on set, I try to keep perspective. Lea was a lot more sensitive, though, and sometimes it seemed like she blamed me for anything and everything that went wrong.”

She also hits that Lea is the reason she got fired from the show. During the penultimate episode of season five, Lea pulled a tantrum where she “locked herself in her trailer, and refused to come out” halting production. A regular occurrence by the sound of it.

Tired of waiting around, Naya was frustrated and walked up to Brad Falchuk, the producer and told him to fix the situation, he lost it and yelled at her: “I’ve been doing this job for six years,” and she shadily replied, “yeah, badly.” Not a smart move after she was not asked back until part way through the following season.

She insinuates that Lea was the one to break the story as she writes: “So I guess you can throw a bitch fit, lock yourself in your trailer, and stall production, yet still allegedly find the time to leak stories to the press.”

She also reveals that Lea once threatened to call SAG because of “unsafe working conditions” after the A/C broke. Iconic.


Naya Rivera On… Mark Salling!

Mark Salling was all levels of douche from the very beginning. After meeting on set Naya was taken by his looks and the pair soon began dating. Apparently he picked her up in his “complete piece-of-shit car with trash just rolling around in the backseat,” got stoned and took her to an In-N-Out drive thru. “I just focused on his biceps and tried to ignore the cloud of marijuana smoke billowing around my head,” she writes.

They became officially after kissing while celebrating Obama’s election. Four weeks later he told her loved her…while high on ecstasy. She reveals that she split the pill with him after he convinced her and was high as a kite and happy but didn’t feel much.

They dated on and off for three years, but he wanted to keep it a secret at the request of his publicist, she believes it was to continue getting on other women however.

Her first media scandal was after  a story claimed she had keyed Salling’s car in a jealous fit. This was totally untrue! Her and a friend brought “dog food, Coca-Cola, eggs, and bird seed, and then dumped all that shit over his car” while he was away after hearing through members of the cast that he had cheated.

She adds that while she generally doesn’t regret any of her bad relationships “unless, of course, that relationship was with someone who had a sizable stash of child porn on his computer. Then, by all means, regret everything.” The shade.


Naya Rivera On… Big Sean!

Big Sean is trash.

In a chapter titled ‘The Best Worst Year Ever.’ She remembers getting the news of Cory’s death, and how that became the first chink in her relationship.

“I started to realize that I was dating an incredibly selfish person. I shook Sean awake and told him that Cory had just died. He just said, “Oh man, babe, I’m really sorry about that,” and rolled over and went back to sleep. I was crying and kept coming in and out of the room as I went out into the hallway to make phone calls, and he never got out of bed or even so much as sat up and turned on the light. This still blows my mind to this day.”

The pair were happy enough until he half-heartedly proposed after just six months, from there he became unresponsive and began avoiding her. She writes: “I was starting to see that the realities of a relationship just weren’t sexy to a rapper who wanted to have his cake and not just eat it too but spread frosting all over the place. (Too much? Sorry not sorry!)”

One day she recalls going to his house, only to find another woman, Ariana Grande! “Guess what little girl is sitting cross-legged on the couch listening to music? C’mon, people, I’m not going to tell you, but you can guess because it’s not that hard! (It rhymes with “Smariana Schmande,” if you’re really having a hard time.)”

From here they went to couples therapy, but things weren’t working. In a concoction of events he ended up taking back a Rolex he had given her, which lead to that infamous Twitter spat that ended in her finding out the wedding was off…via the internet!

Big Sean released IDFWU and that was the end of that.

Naya Rivera On… her boobs!

As soon as she turned 18, Naya took a portion of her child star money to get a boob job. She notes: “People have a lot of opinions about plastic surgery, but more than 10 years after I got my boobs, they still make me happy when I look in the mirror, It might have even been the best $8,000 I’ve ever spent.” Her art teacher was so impressed by them, Naya gave her a referral.

Naya Rivera On… her abortion!

After breaking up with her now-husband Ryan Dorsey while still on Glee, Naya discovered she was pregnant and decided to abort the baby.

She said: “I think every woman should have the right to choose, and it scares me to think of a world where the decision of whether to have a child is not her choice to make”

Before telling her now-husband Dorsey she made him to sign a confidentiality agreement! “This sounds like a dick move, but I was scared,” she writes. “I didn’t know how he would react.” After she told him, he said: “I wish I would have done something better, to make you feel like you could have trusted me with that information, because I would have loved to be there for you.” This is what spurred her to get back with him, and they later got married and now have a baby boy, Josey.


Naya Rivera On… sex!

Naya talks about how everyone should be a slut at one point in her life. She isn’t actively telling readers to go out and have sex, but reassures them that it’s alright to just have a lot of sex at one point in your life, so that you can learn about yourself and what you like during the process. Not many people are willing to talk so openly about that, so it’s refreshing to read about sex in a positive light.

She lost her virginity to a guy she didnt like purposely after watching him play Grand Theft Auto.

Naya Rivera On… her childhood!

Through her child acting gigs, she became friends with Michael Jacksons niece and gained a birthday invite to Neverland. On the way she fell asleep on Nicole Richie’s lap, and drooled over her

Rubbing shoulders more with the child star elite, she dated Tahj Mowry but he broke up with her wanting someone “more on his financial level.”

Naya Rivera On… her teens!

She struggled with anorexia as a teenager and hit 98 pounds at her lowest point, passing out from dehydration during P.E. class. She eventually recovered and began to embrace her body.

Hilariously, she once got fired from Abercrombie & Fitch for ringing up her own purchase, and worked at Hooters, which she recalled looking like a “budget porn star.”

In a coincidence echoing Glee, she left her high school choir after “all the good solos and parts kept going to my arch nemesis Nazanin Mandi.” She was tired of swaying in the background, so left, but not before challenging her to a sing off. Amazing.


‘Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up’ is out now, but it’s quite expensive for the quick read that it is. We say wait for the audiobook out October 11. 

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