Ricky Dillon Comes Out As Asexual

There has always been a question mark about Ricky Dillon’s sexuality, but in a revealing video he has shed some light on his life.

Ricky opened up after contestant sexuality rumours taking it’s toll as he wants to live his life to his truest extent.

He explains that he has never felt a sexual attraction to either men, or women and after years of confusion has come to the conclusion he must be asexual, although he does not like to label himself.

During the video he opens up tremendously about his personal life, as he explain the realisation of his sexuality to his viewers. He opens up about dating both males and females in his past, but decided that neither relationships felt natural to him.

Alongside Tim Gunn, Ricky becomes one of the few prominent asexual figures in society, which we’re sure fans will gravitate to.

His video comes just days before fellow YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous revealed her change in sexuality also!

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