Scream Queens: Season Two Episode One Review

The Chanel’s are back, and they’re meaner, funnier, and pinker than ever! Scream Queens kicked off it sophomore season with a whole lot more comedy, horror, and campness that we loved about the first.

The new season opens up in similar fashion to the first, teasing us with a terrible secret taking place during a rowdy party.

In true Scream Queens fashion a doctor kills his patient, before dumping his body into a spooky swamp as to not operate on him and miss the festivities of the halloween work party. With his pregnant wife in toe, it immediately kicks off questions already about the identity of the baby, following last years bathtub baby.

The location change to the hospital provides a fresh background for our characters to thrive, though we do miss the gleaming beauty of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house. There is definitely a feeling of the show poking fun at TV hospital dramas, but we’re not quite sold on the new setting just yet.


This brings us to the new killer… ‘The Green Meanie’. We know the red devil costume wasn’t quite a fear-enducing costume, but he still had an air of menace about his. The Green Meanie however is a little laughable, dancing around, and leaving trails of green slime at his crime scenes. We are still interested in unmasking the serial killer nonetheless.

All our favourite characters are back including the three Chanel’s, Zayday, Denise Hemphill, Hester, and Dean Munsch who is now Doctor Munsch. Hilarious hottie Chad will also be back later in the season, but has been downgraded to a recurring character. Thankfully wet-blanket Grace, and her all around awful father, Wes, are the only regulars not to return for unspecified reasons, but we don’t really care.

Four new core characters join the gang: sketchy Dr. Ingrid Hoffel (Kirstie Alley), enthusiastic Chamberlain Jackson (James Earl), and our two new hunks Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner), and Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos). They’re yet to fill the void of our previously deceased characters but we’ll give them time to develop.

Three years after the Wallace killings, Cathy Munsch has decided to buy and run a hospital, C.U.R.E, in hopes of fixing the broken American healthcare system after previously abolishing the college Greek system.


In a hilarious ‘Making a Murder’-type situation, the Chanel’s are now out of the asylum after being proved innocent following Hester’s taped confession in a Netflix documentary. Cathy Munsch approaches the now poor, outcast trio to work for her, alongside med student Zayday.

Cecily Strong guest stars as the hospitals first patient lovely nicknamed “Werewolf girl,” “Sasquatch,” and “Chewbacca,” due to her hairy disease. Following a cute makeover segment by our girls, she becomes the first victim of our new killer after being decapitated while taking a bath alongside Chanel #5 who is left screaming at the mercy of the killer, leaving her fate undecided.

While it was fun to see our favourite show back on the air, with the writing as sharp and witty as ever, the episode overall was a bit of a dud. There were funny moment throughout for sure, but in wrapping up questions from last season, finding convoluted methods to bring our cast back together, and setting up new mysteries, and characters for the upcoming series run, there was just far too much thrown at us at once.

Our Verdict Is: All in all, the episode seemed to be far more filler than substance, the mystery, the new storylines were all a little weaker this time around. It wasn’t quite the event of last years premiere that had us dying for more! We’re definately missing Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and Nasim Pedrad but we’re super excited to see Taylor Lautner, the new dynamics and what else the Chanel’s have to offer.

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