Scream Queens: Season Two Episode Two Review

After a disappointing premiere episode, things are back on track as Scream Queens amps up the humour, and the drama!

Straight away we find out Chanel #5 survived the cliff hanger of the last episode, and that the police are just as useless in their investigating this time around.

Chanel #5 is actually way more likeable this year, moving from an annoying whiner to the straight man to everybody else’s unnecessary hatred of her. Chanel #3 is also way meaner to this time around than she ever was before.

Chad makes his triumphant return, in the red devil costume, which gives us a nice throwback to last season. He is just as douchey and clueless as ever, and we love him for that. We totally missed him in the premiere, but he raised the entertainment factor endlessly.


The bickering he partakes in with Dr. Holt over Chanel is hilarious to watch, especially the extended naked showering scene. God bless Ryan Murphy’s homoeroticism.

He is also the reason that we learn more about Dr. Holt’s replacement hand, it belonged to a squash champion serial killer, which is just as ridiculous as it sounds. This whole storyline, while adding to the mystery is just bad soap opera material.

Zayday takes over the boring investigation role, with newcomer Chamberlain in tow. This is giving us too much Grace and Pete throwback for our enjoyment. They finally get Munsch to admit she opened the hospital as she’s dying from a cannibalism disease.

Speaking of Munsch, she has an amazing showdown with the killer, we honestly get so much life whenever she beats up the masked villain. Which by the way, this is her fourth!

Dr. Ingrid Hoffel keeps her crazy suspicious persona at 100, leaving no questioning at all to her character’s oddness, and Cassidy gets just one quick scene and he is yet to be topless still!


It is also this episode where we are re-introduced to Hester, who is now in a Hannibal Lecter styled maximum security prison. (We’re loving the movie homages this year.) She knows everything that is going on, leading us to ask how, and also hints at moving to the hospital so we’ll most likely being seeing a lot more from her. Thanks to Lea Michele’s lack of subtly, she has gone full crazy, nothing like the Hester we originally knew.

We experience more flashbacks to the original mystery, which although explains more of the story, it doesn’t quite elaborate anything substantial just yet. We are loving all the next-level obnoxious characters however.

Chanel #5 stole this episode. Her fund raising video was grade-A Scream Queens material, and her love story with patient Tyler was the highlight of the episode, creating one hilarious moment after the next. Her running to find him to “I Need A Hero”, was amazing.

It is also her boyfriend patient who dies at the hands of the killer this episode, unfortunately it seems once again no main characters will be bumped off the show, just our guest patients of the week. Yawn.


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