Project Runway Season 15 Episode 2: Review

We got a serious mixed bag of designers this year, and while some flailed in the first challenge, others rose to the challenge with new and innovative ideas. Either way we’re ready to see more from these guys.

Heidi teases the designers with promises of a ‘fabulous’ challenge in Central Park. When they arrive, they meet Tim Gunn who is joined by Tracey England, to offer a ‘JustFab’ promo!

Suddenly a swarm of women intrude the shoot, as they are the muse this week. To create a look for everyday women, from petite to plus size. With $150, the contestants have just one day to design and execute the outfit.

After a sketching session on the streets of New York we get our first trip to Mood! As super fans we honestly want to visit mood just as much as the Empire State building at this point. Without the limitations of unconventional material, we’re staring to see more spark out of our designers, each with their own aesthetics.

Divides are forming throughout the group with Cornelius and Dexter as the two main factors. Laurence showed some personality twisting her ankle from drunken twerking, and teaching her new friends her native language. She also shared a sob story about her father disowning her after falling pregnant. Linda wants to win to “change the world”, really? And Jenni’s laugh gets even more screen time. Yawn.

Kimber, after assuring Tim she had plenty of time to create, sews her top inside out and runs out of time to correct her problem. Cornelius continues his rein of villain of the season with an endless stream of shady comments about his fellow contestants designs. Sarah tears a noticable hole in her skirt during model fitting, and Brik’s abilities are generally torn down by his competition, while Erin is named the front runner.

Heidi looks ethereal in a stunning gown, and is joined by Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Nina Dobrev.

Erin (Safe): This dress was a truly inspired garment. When it first hit the runway I was taken aback with the bright contrast of colour. The silhouette was cute, and the thick stitching gave us a cartoon/anime fantasy. The sequined cinch belt gave an air of drama, and perfectly translated the two-in-one look.


Laurence (Winner): This was the best look of the week, in terms of the challenge. It was simple, yet chic and a great versatile option for many types of women. While we were not crazy about the orange fabric in the back, it gave a cool pop of colour.


Sarah (Safe): There’s a drop crotch, and then a drop crotch! This is a great look for the runway. The colour is cute, the jacket is interestingly patterned (although that pink material does look like a bathmat), and the overall appearance is cool and edgy. It’s just not a fitting look to the brief.


Rik (Safe): We love this look. It’s simple, chic, youthful, classy, and sexy. Is it plain, of course! But we think it’s so well made that it overcomes that obstacle. We’re just not entirely sure if it would have the same effect on a larger, or shorter woman.


Kimber (Low): While the judges tore down this look, I personally loved it! The pants were well made, with cute detailing, and the top was well thought out and effective in the overall look. While it wasn’t crafted well, the innovation was far higher than most.

002 fun11.jpg

Alex (High): The judges raved over this look, we on the other hand didn’t. Yes, it was beautifully crafted; the trousers were tailored to perfection! The top on the other hand, while pretty, is just so generic in the fashion world right now. We’ve seen it a million times, and that just is not good enough for this show.


Dexter (Safe): We’re not gonna lie, we were not overwhelmed by this piece. It kind of fell flat, but unlike some designers, Dexter actually had an original though. The odd shape, and manufacturing of the dress/coat was cool, and the styling made it edgier; we’re sure a range of ladies could rock this.


Nathalia (Safe): Honestly what is this mess? We like the oversized jacket alot, we can take that. It’s well made, and well thought out. What’s underneath is just terrible. It looks like some form of sportswear that just does not go with the jacket, and the backstrap is the most interesting part but it has been done to death!


Mah-Jing (Safe): Honestly, what is this? It’s kind of just a snooze-fest. It’s a flattering cut, the neck detail and the playing with layers are both cute, but that’s about it. Next!


Cornelius (Safe): We like this look alot. The idea was perfect, the execution, not so much. We like what he did with the fake hood, and the V-shaped lower section, but the fabric of the skirt is just not right for the dress. It looks a little to disconjointed.


Brik (Low): Despite a universal hatred of his designs, we liked Brik’s outfit again! The pants looked cute, with a cool design, but we were not aware it was a knitted material. Separately the top was also decent, however together it was a mismatch.


Tasha (Safe): Our boo Tasha! She let us down massively this week. We just… don’t get it. The chiffon-type material is cool, but the uneven cut of the top is tacky, and the skirt is sort of boring. The best part of the look is honestly the accessories.


Jenni (Safe): Is she for real? This look is absolutely stunning for executive realness, the skirt is masterfully crafted, the top is beautiful and fun, and the styling is bomb, but for a design challenge it falls flat. These are supposed to give us something new and interesting, and this is neither.


Linda (Low): Her ‘urban kimono’ look was dreadful. The colours washed the model out, and the fabric was shabby. While the kimono was a cute idea, it added nothing to the overall loook. The knitted dress fit terribly, and the peekaboo cut was far too high.


Laurence wins, and her look will be mass produced for customers on JustFab’s website, while Linda is sent packing.

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