Big Brother Over the Top Contestants: Ranked

As CBS attempts to become the next big streaming service in the face of Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go, it brings us Big Brother: Over the Top just one of the original series’ set to debut on it’s new streaming service in the coming months.

The Big Brother spin-off premiered Sept. 28 on CBS All Access, the networks new home for online content.

During the episode it was revealed that Big Brother 17 alum Jason Roy won the fans vote to return to the Big Brother house as the 13th and final houseguest to compete once more for the title.

Over the Top follows a similar format to the original show, except that everything airs online. Viewers will now get to see every moment of the housemates, from introductions, to competitions, to strategising like never before. Previously, feeds would go down for large sections of the show to maintain secrecy.

While there will still be a weekly highlight, including eviction, but there will also be a daily catch up of the most dramatic, and poignant moments of that day. Julie Chen will continue to host the season premiere, weekly evictions and the season finale.

This show is created for the superfans, who even after three weekly shows and live feeds yearn for more content from their favourite show, now they will have more involvement than ever. It is quite an experimental from by the show that is pushing the limits of airing, and streaming content 24 hours a day, and will be a testament to how viewers react.

Now CBS All Access subscribers can vote in four different ways during Over the Top:

  • America’s Nominee Vote – The HOH will nominate two Houseguests for eviction and, for the first time ever, fans will have the opportunity to choose a third houseguest to join them on the block, much like Season 15.
  • America’s Eviction Vote – In addition to the house’s eviction votes, for the first time, fans will have a say in who they would like to see go home. The nominee who receives the most eviction votes from America will receive one extra vote during the eviction ceremony.
  • America’s Care Package Vote – Fans can vote to send their favourite Houseguest a special advantage in the game.
  • America’s Have Nots Vote – America will be able to vote and choose three unlucky “have nots” each week.

This user interaction is sure to switch up the game, but its yet to see how the houseguests will react to being the most loved or hated.

Below we have ranked the contestants based on their pre-show interview!

13. Whitney Hogg


21, a medical assistant from Whitesburg, Kentucky.

She’s going to be the “who?” of the show if indeed she isn’t the first eliminated. That of one half of an obnoxious showmance, kill us now. She doesn’t seem to have much about her, she’s already breaking down about missing her family, and she keeps a journal you guys. A journal.

12. Scott Dennis


24, a debt collector from Bangor, Maine.

It’s not nice to say, but we can’t see Scott making it far due to being the geek of the house. No tea, no shade, but Ian and Steve both pulled out a win as the loveable dork of their series so we doubt this crop will let Scott be the third. Sorry bout it.

11. Shelby Stockton


24, a law school graduate from Simi Valley, California.

Filler queen! She was doing really well as a Harry Potter fan, and law student but then she committed the most carnal of crimes. Her favourite housemate was Hayden because he’s hot, and her least favourite…Britney! She’s dead to us quite frankly.

10. Justin Duncan


27, a seafood restaurant owner from New Orleans.

Why do we get the feeling Justin’s hair smells like pachouli oil and weed? Kidding! You can’t take a Juliana Rancic joke, its been 2 years! He gives me total stoner, child of the Earth vibes and while thats not a bad thing, we can’t see him strategising his way to the top 2.

9. Morgan Willett


22, a publicist from Austin, Texas.

We’re 50/50 with this one. She’s a character for sure but we hope she lives up to her cutthroat intentions. We think having her sister with her will give her the extra pep to become mean Queen B realness. We got our eye on you, girl.

8. Michael “Cornbread” Ligon


41, a foreman for a tree removal company in Augusta, Georgia.

His nickname is Cornbread. Stop, please, make it end. Cornbread is bound to be the one guy everyone adores that I can’t stand, the shows already bigging him up to be their darling and I can’t stand it! He’s a three-time Redneck Olympic champ, has his own YouTube show, and is a big fan of Donny, shocker!

7. Monte Massongill


25, an engineer associate from Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Can somebody please chop of Shane’s hair, because if not this is our eye-candy for the season. He reads like a meathead jock he enjoys sports, working out, and being outdoors and one of his fun facts is ” I’ve he’s been to Montana twice.” Seriously? He says he will play dumb but really he’s “very smart and capable of deep-thinking.” Sure.

6. Jason Roy


27, a grocery stocker (still) from Swansea, Massachusetts.

Okay, we’ll admit it; we never really watched all of Jason’s original series! We do know he was a popular contestant, and as our gay player of the season we’re definitely rooting for him, but as the only returning player he will be the target from day one. We can’t see him making it too far unless he really pulls something out of the bag. Americas vote will only get him so far unless he really works it.

5. Shane Chapman


24, a roofer from Pisgah Forest, North Carolina.

Honestly Shane’s a little weirdo, but perhaps that’s his schtick. He once hiked 600 miles to break up with his girlfriend. What? We think the houseguests will love his oddities and let him slip by for a few weeks, but we can’t see him taking the crown just yet.

4. Kryssie Ridolfi


31, a waitress from Schaumburg, Illinois.

Yas qween, work! We’re living for Kryssie who loves weight lifting, and cooking in equal measures. She’s a self-proclaimed sassy strategist, and thats exactly what we’re looking for in a housemate. We honestly hope she gets to stay around with her dark kookiness.

3. Alex Willett


25, an animation designer from Dallas, Texas.

The cooler one of the sisters, she seems to have a decent game plan with her three-tiered social system, her determined, creative, and perceptive personality, and having her inspiration as Dan Gheesling. We hope she gets the chance to prove herself and be “strategic power player”.

2. Neeley Jackson


33 a sales associate from Forth Worth, Texas.

Neely has slain me dead. Her interview is by far the best of the bunch. We just know she’ll be the ‘gone-too-soon’ and it’s slowly killing us. She’s smart, outspoken, athletic, sexy and fun. She adores Janelle and hates ‘big baby’ Ian. We’re honestly not worthy.

1. Danielle Lickey


23, a preschool teacher from Visalia, California.

Winner, we’re calling it now. Her interview reads like a cheat sheet to winning. She’ll make a strong alliance of few people, she’ll win competitions, and is not afraid of making BIG moves. She credits Derrick’s strategic game as her inspiration but we’re scared she may be too loyal. She also loves Harry Potter, Friends, and Disneyland. Win.

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