Why You Should Be Watching: Go-Go Boy Interrupted

While it’s hard to find decent mainstream tv shows with gay stars, the internet is a gold mine for unrealised gay talent. One such example is our new favourite web-series: Go-Go Boy Interrupted.

Premiering way back in 2014, we’re a little late to the party but with two seasons under its belt we binge-watched the entire show and suggest you do the same.

Coming from the eccentric mind of Jimmy Fowlie, the LGBT-themed comedy is written, directed and stars the former-Groundlings comedian who adapted the series from a sold-out sketch show that he performed while with the iconic institute.

The show chronicles the outlandish life of Danny Carter as he desperately attempts to navigate the West Hollywood gay scene upon realising that by approaching 30 he is now just a “washed up” go-go dancer

The first season introduces us to the endearing, and unfortunately relatable star as he deals with hookups, rumours, job hunting, and drinking too much alongside a phenomenal supporting cast.

Brian Jordan Alvarez (Jane The Virgin), Lynne Marie Stewart (The Pee-wee Herman Show ), Nico Santos (Superstore), and of course Drew Droege (Every gay comedy ever) are all exceptional in their respective roles, elevating the show to a stand out comedy.

After a successful Kickstarter, the second season raised the bar with a bigger budget, full crew, and amazing guest stars! Heather Morris (Glee), Willam Belli (Drag Race), Fortune Feimster (The Mindy Project), and Nick Adams (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) joined the series, just to name a few.

This extra help certainly made an impact on the sophomore season as the show became more fully realised in its production, story-telling, and comedy, while keeping the magic of what made it special.

As a whole the show is hysterically funny, witty-yet-silly, and surprisingly has a lot of heart while reflecting the realities of gay culture in this day and age. While there is an over-the-top nature to many of the jokes, the engaging material keeps the show grounded.

On the inception of the show Fowlie said: “It’s such a crazy world, you have these entitled 18 year old boys and then you have these over-the-top drag queens. And Los Angeles, it’s such a youth-obsessed town and gay culture is extra-youth obsessed. So what happens to someone whose only goal is to be admired and get dollar bills thrown at them, when they age out of that profession? I ended up writing it as a show.”

Unfortunately there are only 21 available at around four minutes a piece, so while viewing and rewatching is easy, we wish we could see what they would do with a full 22-minute episode! We’re just hoping it’ll be back for a third outing!

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